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Alexis Avila mother of NM teen who threw baby away says everybody makes mistakes

Alexis Avila released on house arrest.
Pictured, Alexis Avila Hobbs New Mexico teen and ex boyfriend Stephen Astorga. Images via social media.
Alexis Avila mother Martha Avila
Alexis Avila mother Martha Avila defends teen daughter. Pictured, Alexis Avila New Mexico teen accused of dumping newborn baby in a Hobbs dumpster. Image via police bookings.

Martha Avila the mother of New Mexico teen who threw newborn baby in dumpster defends teen daughter mom saying everybody makes mistakes. 

The mother of a New Mexico teen caught on video throwing a newborn baby in a dumpster has defended her daughter, telling media that, ’Everybody makes mistakes.’

Martha Avila’s defiant stance behind her daughter, Alexis, comes amid allegations that her 18 year old daughter had meant to leave the ‘newborn for dead’ when she dumped the child at a Hobbs area workplace dumpster last Friday. Miraculously the child survived after three dumpster divers came across the ’discarded’ child some six hours later.

The case has since led to commentators on social media condemning the teen and asking why she had declined to simply turn the newborn to authorities under that state’s mandate, tbe Safe Haven Law which allows newborns to be placed with the state up to 90 days of birth, without fear of prosecution.

Told Martha Avila, 41 via the dailymail: ‘People can talk and give their opinion. Everybody makes mistakes. People can preach all they want, they can judge all they want but we only care about the judgment of one.’

She added: ‘Yeah it has been a shock.’

NM teen who dumped baby released on house arrest: banned from seeing newborn

Future of newborn unsure

Responding to her daughter’s former boyfriend’s family’s intention of seeking sole custody of the newborn, Martha told the dailymail that she wasn’t sure if the family would be handed custody of baby Saul. 

The former boyfriend, 16 year old teen Stephen Astorga maintains he had no idea that the baby had been born and was led to believe Alexis had a miscarriage, in previous reports.

Speaking to the dailymail, the 16-year-old boy’s uncle said the baby is likely to be taken in by his 50-year-old grandfather, an entrepreneur who runs an oilfield servicing business eight miles out of town.

Told the relative: ‘[His dad] isn’t the type to give up on a family member. He won’t let that baby be without a home. It’s been a big shock for us all. We only found out about the baby last night.’

Alexis Avila and boyfriend Stephen Astorga
Alexis Avila mother Martha Avila defends teen daughter. Pictured, New Mexico teen mom and ex boyfriend Stephen Astorga. Image via social media.

Unanswered questions

Peers of Avila said she had been open about her pregnancy at school and stopped coming to class shortly before the Christmas break in mid-December.

Both Avila and her mother Martha told police they did not know she was pregnant, with Avila telling cops that she gave birth in the bathroom of her parents’ modest home last Thursday and panicked before dumping her baby in the trash later that day.

Of contention is whether the teen’s family were aware that Alexis was pregnant and whether they were aware that she had sought to abandon the newborn. The mother declined to further answer media enquiries saying the family would share their side of their story in due course.

Avila, who is due in court in Lovington, New Mexico, on Wednesday afternoon, is currently out on bond and is laying low at her parents’ house. The teen mom posted $10K bond earlier this week after being charged with child abuse and attempted murder.