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A guide to the art style in the game cyberpunk 2077

cyberpunk 2077 gaming
Comeback of cyberpunk 2077: infusing high tech low life in video gaming
cyberpunk 2077 gaming
Comeback of cyberpunk 2077: infusing high tech low life in video gaming

The comeback of cyberpunk 2077: infusing science fiction and art work in video gaming technology and contemporary design.

Neon lights, skyscrapers, and dismal settings come to mind when you consider cyberpunk design. All of this is true, but cyberpunk is just so much more. It’s a diverse cultural trend that spans film, fashion, and design, all stemming from a science fiction subgenre

Cyberpunk is frequently referred to as ‘high tech low life’—basically, a society of advanced technology populated by people who cannot afford the niceties. The Cyberpunk aesthetic has gone up and down, like many design fads, but has recently had a considerable comeback.

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Is Cyberpunk 2077 that bad?

Cyberpunk 2077 was among the most anticipated video games of all time. Between the game’s first announcement teaser at E3 2013 until its launch at the eleventh hour in December 2020, it took seven years. Following a launch riddled with problems and difficulties. Is Cyberpunk 2077 truly so horrible, as some people believe? 

Seven years is plenty of time to build up anticipation, especially when it wasn’t supposed to be taking that long. The game was hampered by delays after delays, to the point that it was unclear if it would ever be released. The game was only made more exciting when it was confirmed at E3 2019 that the world’s favourite person, Keanu Reeves, will be playing a role in it.

All of this resulted in the game’s eventual release date being set for November 19, 2020, and even that was pushed back a few weeks. The game was finally released on December 10, 2020, and many players quickly realised why there had been so many delays. Players quickly began reporting game-breaking issues and graphic glitches, among many other things.

Framerate issues, players not forming, and a slew of other issues. To be fair, bugs are to be anticipated in these types of competitive matches, especially near release. While this was to be expected, the game’s numerous problems and glitches rendered it unworthy of the asking price for most gamers.

Cyberpunk in contemporary design

After the millennium, cyberpunk became relatively trendy in the design industry, but the year 2020 is experiencing a significant cyberpunk rebirth. The look is making a big comeback, and it’s a good one. As a design movement, cyberpunk does not even have to feature traditional motifs like urban dystopias or flying cars.

cyberpunk 2077 gaming
Comeback of cyberpunk 2077: infusing science fiction and art work in video gaming

Cyberpunk beliefs are now being used as a springboard by contemporary designers to impact their work. Unconventional graphic design layouts, digitally improved font and vibrant colour palettes are all the rage right now, providing both a thrilling and scary look into the future.

Cyberpunk Colour trend:

Dark colours are often combined with bright colours in cyberpunk designs to give them a futuristic shimmer. Pink and blue, in various combinations, are the most popular colours.

  • Colours that pop
  • Colours at the end (traditional phosphor green/amber on black)
  • Blues/violets with hints of greens with golds/yellows/oranges.
  • Cyberpunk can also be black and white.
  • When choosing a colour palette, keep in mind that complementary colours complement each other.

Technologies are constantly advancing which gives rise to new jobs and industries. In the upcoming years, future technologies like Li-Fi may change how the world uses the internet.

Cyberpunk Art, Illustrations and Design:

While the Cyberpunk style did not take the design market by storm in the very same way that flat design or materialist design did, it is becoming one of the most prominent subgenres of fantasy because it allows developers to design a more fantastical, contemporary, and radiant feel in their work.

To be sure, Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t a bad game, but you’d even go out of your way to suggest it is. It may not have lived up to expectations, but it isn’t quite as horrible as some have said.