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Your basic guide to moving to San Jose

Moving to San Jose
Moving to San Jose: Pros & cons of relocating to Silicon Valley.
Moving to San Jose
Moving to San Jose: Pros & cons of relocating to Silicon Valley.

Should you move to San Jose? Pros and cons of relocating to California city that is highly tech driven, full of opportunities while having high cost index. 

Having the most perfect around-the-year climate, an economy that is technology-driven, and a history that is rich in all its form, San Jose was seated in the heart of Silicon Valley and was founded in 1777 as a Spanish farming community.

Being the tenth-largest city in the US, San Jose is not only famous for companies like eBay, PayPal, and Adobe but also one of the most agricultural cities. Known as the “Valley of Heart’s Delight “, the Mediterranean climate of the area and the highly fertile and rich soil create the perfect conditions for growing the best kind of fruits, vegetables, and fruit trees.

Just as we said, the culture and history of the city are as rich as the world would perceive it to be, owing to around 16000 acres of Parkland that is within the city, the number of museums, wineries, art galleries, and even a huge zoo that is seated within the city lines. Planning a relocation to San Jose, consider a moving company in San Jose that will make the entire process smooth and easy.

Things you need to know about before moving to San Jose

Streets bustled with people that contribute over 1 million population of the city, moving to San Jose is like living in 300 days of sunshine, beautiful vistas, and amazing views. This city is not only young with the median age being 36 but is also educated where 1 out of 4 residents have a bachelor or higher degree. The city that was initially famous as a farming community has developed over the years to become a center of harboring entrepreneurial spirit. Also recognized as the capital of Silicon Valley.

Few pros and cons of living in San Jose


●       San Jose is one of the most concentrated technology-driven centers in the world that is home to the topmost tech “hubs” like Palo Alto, Mountain View, and San Francisco.

●       The rate of unemployment in the city is extremely low and job opportunities are in abundance here. And the income per capita of San Jose 27% higher than the national average

●       The weather of this city is pleasant throughout the year and is favorable for all kinds of activities including cycling, hiking, walking, kayaking, riding.

●       Not only this, living in San Jose means getting to enjoy the most beautiful sceneries and amazing activities all around the year. Take a short drive to Santa Cruz and two half-moon base famous and beautiful beaches. Surfing is your only option. Or move to Cupertino and Las Gotas where you can find vineyards and tasting rooms and can have the most amazing tasting wine here. Just drive and move around to beaches and enjoy the scenic views that the city of San Jose has.


●       However, the cost of living in San Jose might be surprisingly high. Even the “basics” here remain extremely expensive that includes rent, gas, groceries, and even water.

●       The time duration of working here might be very exhausting and demanding. Since San Jose is home to abundant startups and many established companies, They require long working hours to get the job done and burnout is fairly common here.

●       Traffic here is an all-time problem at 3 p.m. in the day at 3:00 a.m. in the night. If the “evening rush” begins at 3:00 p.m. it is most likely to extend until 7 p.m.

Tax Rates in San Jose

●       Property Tax: San Jose is located in Santa Clara county and the average property tax here almost points to 794 percent. In order to facilitate comparison, the national average is 1.211 % and the average property tax in California is .813 %

●       Sales Tax: The sales tax in California is 7.25% and with all the local taxes added into the mix, the sales tax of a CA in the city can be as high as 10.25%. The combined state and local sales tax rate in San Jose can be up to 9.25%

●       Income Tax: based on the system of ten brackets, the income tax of California charges from 1% to 13.3% in the highest income bracket.

Cost of Living

If calculated on the national average score of 100, the complete cost of residing in San Jose is 260. While the cost of living in other cities is comparatively extremely low like Tucson, Arizona is 99, Boston is 182, Dallas, Texas is 108. The two things that contribute the most to the high cost of living in San Jose are housing and transportation. According to the latest reports by the Economic Policy Institute Family Budget Calculator, if a family of 2 adults and 2 children are residing in San Jose, they will spend around $129092 annually for just their basic requirements that include housing, food, transportation, and taxes.

The economy of San Jose and the job market here

The economy of San Jose is growing at nearly twice the rate of the national average throughout the area of the San Francisco Bay. The city of San Jose is very rich economically and is home to tech industries like manufacturing: professional, scientific, and technical services health care, and social assistance and is, therefore, the third-largest per-capita grossing domestic product city in the world.

The highest paying jobs in the city of San Jose are computer and mathematical occupations, computer engineering, and Science occupation and architecture and engineering occupations, and this data was given by the DataUSA. Apart from this, the top five employers in San Jose are Cisco Western Digital, Sanmina, PayPal, and Adobe. The entire bay area of San Jose is meticulously networking-focused with events from San Francisco to Sausalito to San Jose that happen practically every day of the week. All in all, the city of San is your best opportunity if you are looking for a job with a pool of job opportunities waiting for you.

Apart from all these qualities, the first step to moving to San Jose would be to find a reputable moving company that would help your moving process simpler and make your journey to San Jose, a remarkable one.