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Reseda California stabbing mom child custody battle -mental health woes

Liliana Carrillo California mom kills kids
Liliana Carrillo child custody battle. Pictured the three slain children found at a Reseda, California apartment. Image via GoFundme.
Liliana Carrillo child custody battle
Liliana Carrillo child custody battle: Pictured, Liliana Carrillo with the slain children’s father, Erik Denton of Huntington Beach. Image via social media.

Reseda California stabbing mom child custody battle -the father of the three children killed at the hands of their mother had pleaded for emergency sole custody citing Liliana Carrillo’s fragile mental state of mind. 

A California woman arrested in connection with the slaying of her three children at their San Fernando Valley apartment was embroiled in a child custody dispute, according to the children’s father and court documents.

Liliana Carrillo, 30, was arrested Saturday in Tulare County after fleeing the scene and leading law enforcement officers on a long-distance chase in which she allegedly carjacked a pickup truck in Bakersfield, authorities said.

The children’s grandmother had called police earlier after she discovered the children — ages 3, 2 and 6 months — dead at their apartment complex in Reseda and their mother gone, authorities said. Initial reports indicated the children had been stabbed, but authorities have not confirmed a cause of death.

Erik Denton, the father of the children — two girls and a boy — sought custody of them on March 1, according to Tulare County family court documents online.

Denton requested a temporary emergency visitation order from the family court in Porterville on March 4 and petitioned for a mental health evaluation of Carrillo, according to court documents. Orders were drawn up at a March 26 hearing. Another hearing in the case was scheduled for April 14.

Liliana Carrillo Instagram: nthatswhyimbeautiful
Liliana Carrillo Instagram: nthatswhyimbeautiful

Reseda mother mental instability

In response, Carrillo sought a temporary domestic violence restraining order against Denton on March 12 in Los Angeles County Superior Court, according to court documents cited by the Los Angeles Times.

A report via KTLA indicated the father of the children, Erik Denton of Huntington Beach, sharing custody of the children with Carillo. He identified the children as 3-year-old Terry, 2-year-old Joanna, and 6-month-old Sierra.

Denton also confirmed he’d been in a custody battle with Carrillo after she began acting mentally unstable.

A regard of Carillo’s Instagram account, @nthatswhyimbeautiful, since removed alluded to degrees of mental instability.

In her posts, Carrillo talked ‘about common life issues and obstacles that people may have encountered.’

Many of the posts are filled with messages describing ‘opportunities for change’ and telling readers to ‘take charge of your life.’

‘I am not perfect, I still have many issues but overall I am happy and proud of my past. I love my present life and look forward to my future,’ she wrote in 2013.

Liliana Carrillo child custody battle
Liliana Carrillo child custody battle: Pictured the Reseda, California mother accused of slaying her three children. Image via Instagram.
Liliana Carrillo Instagram: nthatswhyimbeautiful
Liliana Carrillo Instagram: nthatswhyimbeautiful

Did California DCFS fail three slain children? 

In another post cited by the dailymail, Carrillo said that had also been in ‘unhealthy relationships’ in which she would ‘go out with my girls, drink, smoke, lose control.’

‘I’m not perfect. I was a person in these same situations, minus the child,’ she wrote.

Adding: ‘Believe in yourself and summon strength from within to push you to do the best you can do. This world is limitless. You are your own worst enemy.’ 

Carrillo also appeared to struggle with her identity, at some times calling herself a ‘passionate lover’ and at others referring to herself as ‘selfish’ and a ‘manipulator.’ 

‘As for you, have a f**king amazing time today! Be yourself, don’t give mind to those that are hating on you. They probably need a hug and a smile,’ she wrote in one post. 

Concerned that the mother of his children’s mental well being was deteriorating, the children’s father, Erik Denton said he tried to get DCFS ·Department of Children and Family Services, to intervene, telling KTLA, ‘in L.A. they wouldn’t help. The LAPD would not get involved.’ He said Carrillo was supposed to turn over the kids to him on Sunday.

Denton said Carillo might have gone to Tulare County to look for him but that he was away from home at the time. He said police came by later to tell him what had happened.

At the crime scene in Reseda on Saturday, LAPD Lt. Raul Joel said there had been no prior calls to police at the Carrillo residence.

‘These are the moments we carry throughout our career,’ Joel said, noting that innocent lives had been lost. ‘It’s hard to process that as a police officer.’