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6 Devices That Can Help You During a Test

Devices that help students perform well at school and tests
Devices that help students perform well at school and tests. Stock image.
Devices that help students perform well at school and tests
Devices that help students perform well at school and tests for the modern age.

Devices that help students perform during a test: Instruments, apps, appliances, gadgets and must haves helping pupils to excel at school in the modern age. 

It is impossible to imagine modern students without gadgets – they accompany us literally everywhere. Light-weighted laptops have replaced stacks of books. Phone apps perform a variety of functions, from transforming a lecturer’s speech into text to solving math problems using Optical Character Recognition.

Technology greatly simplifies our life, but there is one problem – most gadgets are strictly prohibited during tests. However, there are still devices that you can use in the classroom.

Of course, it is important to prepare useful gadgets before the test but learning the material itself plays a much larger role. If worrying about other home assignments doesn’t let you focus, here’s the good news: with the help of an essay editor service, you can save up lots of time and energy for tasks that need your attention as well. Professionals services always do their best to strengthen your paper’s style and free it from mistakes and errors.


Poor time management is one of the most common reasons for test failures. Some students find it hard to transfer the answers from the draft to the test sheet on time. Others can’t decide which assignments are the most difficult, thus, leave too little time for completing them. Besides, not all teachers remind students how many minutes are left until the end of the test, so it’s best to keep track of time yourself.

To manage your time rationally, look through all the tasks as soon as the test has begun to see how much time you’d better devote to each of them. Keep in mind essay writers online can come up with a plan and thesis for your upcoming project. 

Devices, gadgets that help students perform well at school
Gadgets, devices that help students perform well at school: the paper tablet. Image via Amazon.

Paper Tablet

It’s almost impossible to imagine test writing without taking notes. It doesn’t matter if you are doing Spanish grammar assignments, solving algebra problems, or analyzing how Jane Austen depicted the British class system at its time – you will definitely need a draft.

A pencil and paper usually help to structure thoughts, but why not try something more innovative? The manufacturers of paper tablets claim that using them feels like writing on real paper. In addition, the electronic pen doesn’t require recharging. Also, everything you write with the stylus is displayed instantly. 

The latest paper tablets:

  • Are super lightweight and light-friendly;
  • Have anti-glare to improve readability;
  • Offer various color and style pen options;
  • Provide a lengthy battery life.

With a paper tablet, you can draw tables and diagrams as well as create handwritten sketches and notes. Most importantly, it lacks the capabilities of a laptop and thus can be allowed during a test.


So, the test begins and the professor asks the students to put smartphones and laptops in the bags. You start solving tasks and when you’ve got to make calculations, you suddenly find yourself lacking the most important thing. «How can I solve these problems without a calculator?» – you may ask yourself anxiously.

To avoid this stressful situation, make sure to take a calculator with you. First, you will feel much calmer knowing that you can check your calculations at any moment. Secondly, it will help you finish the test in due time.

Old Model iPod 

Have you ever noticed how the music playing in a mall, cafe, co-working or other public places affects your state? It makes us more peaceful or, on the contrary, helps us get into a productive mood. Its effect on our brain function and moral well-being is hard to underestimate. According to many studies, music improves memory and stimulates the alpha rhythms of our brain, which help to process information. 

Thus, you can create a playlist depending on what you have difficulties with:

  • Slow Baroque music (Bach, Händel, Vivaldi, Albinoni) enhances the performance of students studying maths;
  • If it’s noisy in the classroom, turn on some nature sounds like white noise – they mask human speech well and also have a positive effect on cognitive function and concentration;
  • If the lyrics in the songs distract you, then Lo-Fi, Jazz-Pop, or Chilled Beats are best for you during the test; no lyrics – no distraction;
  • To calm down, compositions by Debussy, Rachmaninov, and Tchaikovsky are perfect.

Most professors won’t mind an mp3 player or an iPod as much as they would a regular smartphone.

Noise-Canceling Headphones for School
Gadgets, devices that help students perform well at school: Noise-Canceling Headphones e

Noise-Canceling Headphones

You just got the brilliant idea, but then someone in the class coughed or sneezed – and now you can’t focus anymore. The student sitting behind you decided to ask the teacher a couple of questions. From behind the open window, you could hear cars honking on the road. Classmates moved their chairs and loudly slammed the door. 

Sounds familiar? If yes, you probably know how annoying this noise can be. 

The test itself is a stressful situation, given the time limit and number of tasks. Add disturbing sounds to this list – and here are all the conditions for anxiety to start. Luckily, you can always let go of them thanks to noise-canceling headphones – just inform your teacher that you want to use them on the test.

Thermal Coffee Mug

This device is undoubtedly different from all of the above, but no less indispensable, especially in cold winter. Today it is popular not only among travelers and long-walks-lovers but also among students.

Traditionally, undergraduates prepare for the test late at night, so coffee the next day is essential. Choose mugs of suitable sizes – from modest 0.2 liters to impressive 0.9 liters. There are a lot of designs too – they will surely cheer you up.

To Wrap It Up

Now you know all about the devices that will make test writing less stressful. Also, we have a small bonus for those who are into innovations.

First, the Neo SmartPen N2 is a dream come true. The pen is capable of not only digitizing all handwritten notes but also transcribing the manuscript into electronic text. You can also share everything that was written by this gadget online.

Second, if waking up in the morning is a disaster for you, then think about buying a Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock. This device makes your awakening more pleasant as it simulates a natural sunrise and sounds of nature, for example, birdsong.

Third, if low battery gadgets are your problem, then a backpack with a built-in solar panel is perfect for you. When it gets into the Sun, the battery is charged – plus, the device is super helpful while traveling.