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9 Devices a Student Cannot Live Without

Devices a Student Cannot Live Without
Devices a Student Cannot Live Without. Pictured laptop and smartphone. Image via Unsplash.
Devices a Student Cannot Live Without
Devices a Student Cannot Live Without. Pictured laptop and smartphone. Image via Unsplash.

9 Devices a Student Cannot Live Without: Getting by with a stellar education also comes with other must have items for today’s college bound students. 

Today education is not possible if a student is not technically equipped. They need computers, laptops, tablets, and phones to access information, write essays, create presentations among lots of other tasks.

The list of these devices can go on and on. Even if students trust an essay writing service and let it write essays for money, they still can’t survive without their electronic devices. Some of them became so irreplaceable that we may not even notice how we use them in our daily routine.

So, in this post, we’re going to talk about the top 10 devices that help students cope with daily tasks and educational challenges. Let’s go!

Computers or Laptops

It’s logical to unite these tools in one section as they perform roughly the same set of functions. Both computers and laptops help students access information to process and use it to meet their educational or entertainment needs. They use these devices to type essays, create visuals, study remotely, watch movies. This list is endless. 

Computers provide access to the Internet, connect students with their classmates and instructors, let them submit written assignments, and send out resumes. Their role in education and work is immense, so students indeed can’t live without them today. 

Devices a Student Cannot Live Without
Devices a Student Cannot Live Without. Pictured Ipad and smartphone. Image via Unsplash.


Another device that students can’t give up on is a smartphone. Today, these devices are full of different features that people use every day and absolutely can’t refuse. Apart from helping students stay updated on all study and work issues, these small devices serve as wallets, tickets, photo cameras, audio recorders, and so on.

Humankind will hardly ever reject the idea of staying online and entertained anywhere and anytime. So, smartphones are the devices no one will give up any time soon.


Tablets may not be very convenient for essay writing, but they have a different role to play. iPads and other similar devices help students study on the go, not having to carry laptops. There is nothing more convenient than having a 10-inch slim tablet in your bag, always ready to help with your work and study duties.

Tablets are usually perceived as a device stuck in the limbo between smartphones and computers. They combine the best features of both these gadgets to enable quick and easy editing, access to information, and assistance in presentation. This technological item is something students can’t really do without.

PlayStation, Xbox, and Others

Let’s add these devices to the list because a good video game is something many students need to blow off some steam. These games are nothing similar to the ones we had in the past. Today, video games can be as realistic as possible thanks to AI, VR, and AR technologies. PlayStation and Xbox are the leaders in the industry.

Sound Boosters and Speakers

Those who enjoy listening to music often like to have it everywhere around them. To achieve that, they use sound boosters and speakers. No student would agree to give up this device or trade it for anything else.


Not a single student has the privilege of being alone all day long to listen to music loudly. Thus, all students today have headphones. This device is a great thing for those who love to listen to a new album or an audiobook while commuting to college. Obviously, this device is quite irreplaceable as well.

WiFi Router

Can you imagine living without wireless Internet today? We are used to having it anywhere as soon as we cross the front door. Obviously, students wouldn’t trade their WiFi routers for any other device because this is what keeps them connected with the rest of the world.


Many students would add electronic watches to this list. These small devices perform lots of functions from instant messaging and phone calls to sleep tracking and fitness training. For many students, they are irreplaceable because they keep them online and updated on all work and study issues almost immediately.


A microwave is last but not least. Students often cook at home trying to save some cash. That’s why having a microwave oven in a dorm or rented apartment is a must. You can hardly find anyone who’d question the ease of use and time-efficiency of this kitchen device.

Final Words

These devices make up the list of those most students have today. Having felt the comfort provided by these gadgets, people would never agree to give up on using them. 

On the contrary, the more of them are invented, the more spoiled students may become. The comfort provided by these devices is hard to resist. But all of them create an environment which enables our studies and work.