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Are you addicted to your smartphone?

Are you addicted to your smartphone?
mobile gaming industry
Are you addicted to your smartphone? The advent of the mobile gaming industry.

The advent of the mobile gaming industry: Addicted to your smartphone? How technology is catering to the ever pressing need of consumers to be entertained. 

When asked this question directly, the vast majority of people would answer “No” and some would also add that they resent the implication. At the same time, when people discuss this topic with their friends, or in regard to other people or even society as a whole, their conclusions are quite different.

Addiction is insidious, difficult to spot and by the time people realize they are affected by it, they have already dug themselves deep into a hole. While there’s a good chance that you are not even remotely addicted to your smart phone, it doesn’t hurt to take a quick look at your daily habits.

A modern form of separation anxiety

The very idea of depending on a gadget, no matter how smart, is borderline depressing. We use smartphones so often and for so many things that we have grown to depend on them more than we realize. Many people don’t feel comfortable knowing that they forgot their phone at home and even feel anxiety when the battery is dead. One doesn’t need to be expecting an important phone call, email or text message to feel uneasy when smartphone access is impossible.

People check their smartphones dozens of times every day, although they get notifications whenever somebody tries to get in touch with them. This urge to always be connected with technology through the tiny display, is somewhat understandable, given the versatility of these gadgets. The time spent checking the phone or tablet is relatively short, but it can cause stress, while also distracting people from their regular activities. Looking at the world through a phone display and relying too much on the data feeds is a surefire way of getting a distorted view of the things surrounding us.

When addiction is not necessarily a bad thing

Sometimes, people tend to judge others based on their own ideas and view of the world and are quick to jump to conclusions. Using smartphones to have fun, through video games, social and casino games is now part of modern culture. These gadgets have grown so powerful that people can use them extensively to have fun wherever they may roam. They grant instant access to a world of quality entertainment that is free, convenient and always just one click away.

The gaming industry is already huge and constantly expanding, while using mobile devices as a springboard to new customers and offering mobile pay casino options.

Videogame developers now invest massively in games for mobile devices and pretty much every online casino offers mobile-friendly games. These are perfect sources of entertainment when time is of the essence and you only have a few minutes to unwind. Filling the gaps in a busy daily routine isn’t necessarily addiction, but an effective way to relax and recharge your batteries.

Only when people spend too much time playing casino games or use the smartphones excessively when they should be socializing, can we speak about the risks of addiction. In most cases, users have simply learned to harness the tremendous power and versatility of mobile devices to solve everyday challenges and spice up their daily routine.