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Most Gossiped Shows on Netflix

Gossiped Shows on Netflix
Most Gossiped Shows on Netflix: 'Emily in Paris.'
Gossiped Shows on Netflix
Most Gossiped Shows on Netflix: ‘Emily in Paris.’

Most Gossiped Shows on Netflix that you can access via VPN while outside of the US. A countdown of top five movies to look forward to this upcoming season.

Winter is coming, so is seasonal affective disorder, aka ‘SAD’ and a long list of other depressing things that are associated with winters. But we might have the right antidote for you, which will spring out the optimism in you and keep your winter-sadness at bay by keeping you thrilled and excited, Netflix! 

It is not just any Netflix, but all the best movies and the top trending shows, which are currently the talk of the town. We know about all the shows that have ruled the screen for long, but this year when we expected nothing due to the pandemic and halted shootings, Netflix surprised us with some of the most gossiped shows. 

As we all know, America has the best Netflix library of all the countries, and it has the most shows and movies than any other region; sadly, it is geo-restricted and is exclusive for the US only. But there is a way through which you can access US Netflix in UK, Canada, Australia, and all the countries, a VPN. 

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is your key to access all the restricted and blocked content overseas. So get a hold of it and start streaming some of the trendiest shows on Netflix that are as follows;

Emily in Paris

Starting with Lily Collin’s rom-com drama. A marketing executive from Chicago finds herself in the dreamy city of Paris after she is re-located by her current office. The town does turn out to be dreamy, but the people didn’t. And the struggle is real, so is the love-triangle with her attractive neighbor. 

Emily in Paris may be the typical drama with loads of French cliches, but we fell in love with all of it, and the fact that it was a super-easy and light watch, something to lift your mood this gloomy season. 

The Haunting of Bly Manor

After the massive success of The Haunting of Hill House, the makers came up with a new season to spice up Halloween this year. Based on the novel by Henry James, The Turn of the Screw. 

The show is a mixture of a terrifying dark tale of a governess Daniella who is hired to look after the children under Wingrave’s care. That’s when the hunting begins leaving the young governess and the children in extreme danger. The Haunting of Bly Manor left viewers in shrieks, fulfilling the purpose of a real thriller.

Cobra Kai

The revival of the infamous Karate Kid placed 34 years after the debut of the film. Cobra Kai initially debuted on Youtube Premium, but upon sensing the popularity and hype of the show, Netflix quickly bought the rights and renewed it for season 3 and 4. 

Reintroducing the cast with William Zabka and Ralph Macchio in the lead, the story goes along with Zabka opening up his own dojo. It rekindles the buried rivalry between the two men and the events that leads to the events which eventually start a martial arts war between the two. The most streamed show on Netflix, Cobra Kai, is a reminiscence of the past, a good one.

The Umbrella Academy

Probably the most popular and a super hit show on Netflix, The Umbrella Academy is a fresh take on your old school superheroes who wear capes and are usually loners. Not this lot, though.

Seven children with superhero powers, adopted by a billionaire father who ends up dead one day, re-unites the middle-aged siblings who solve the mystery of his death while saving the world on the side. But they are not your regular superheroes. What makes them so different and exciting? You have to watch the show yourself on that. All we can say is that The Umbrella Academy will not disappoint.

Black Mirror

Former journalist Charlie Brooker’s most celebrated TV work to date. Black Mirror is a disturbing truth of what may become of us with technological advancements, SPOILER ALERT! Not at all good. 

Black Mirror may be disturbing, but it was gripping; one could not leave the episode mid-way without reaching the end. And after that came a few minutes of silence, filled with the realization of where we are heading in coming time.