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4 Things to Consider When Proposing to Your Partner

proposing to your partner
Ready to get engaged? What to keep in mind when proposing to your partner.
proposing to your partner
Ready to get engaged? What to keep in mind when proposing to your partner.

Ready to get engaged? What to keep in mind when you propose to your partner. A checklist of considerations before you ask the love of your life to marry you. 

When you meet the love of your life and have spent an adequate amount of time dating, you will likely reach a point when you have to determine if you want to take the next step in the relationship. 97% of the time, the man in the relationship proposes to the woman. Only 3% of the time does the female propose to the man. Although it is less common, there are a growing number of engagements that are facilitated by women. When you get engaged, there are many considerations to make. In this guide, we will share four things to consider when proposing to your partner.

1. Set Reasonable Expectations

Even if you want the proposal date to be a surprise, it is important that your partner knows your intentions in the relationship. If you have been dating for six months and never spoken about marriage, the shock on your partners face when you get down on one knee will likely not be a positive thing. Make sure that you and your partner have had conservations about marriage and are moving in the right direction before you pop the question.

2. Make Sure the Ring Will Arrive in Time

Many women dream about the engagement ring that they will flaunt on their finger. Some women like silver and gold metals while others like vintage styles. Some people like rings with multiple diamonds while others prefer a single solitaire stone. Listen to your partner and ask her closest friends for insight into the ring styles that she likes the most. Make sure to order the ring in advance, allowing time for it to be designed and created. If you are in a crunch, there are exquisite options for ready to ship engagement rings.

3. Determine What You Want to Say

In the moment that you drop down to your knee, you will likely feel a rush of nerves and excitement. If you do not think about what you want to say beforehand, you will likely miss a wonderful opportunity to tell your future spouse the things you love most about them. During this time, it is important to acknowledge the milestones in your relationship, express your intentions, and shower your partner with adoration. Ideally, this will be the one engagement that you experience in your lifetime. Take the steps to make this moment memorable and meaningful.

4. Plan the Perfect Setting

Before proposing, it is important to consider the personalities and preferences of both you and your partner. Do you enjoy extravagant events? Do you feel more comfortable with simplicity and intimacy? Think about the setting that is best suited for your relationship. Some people get engaged over dinner or in nature and then celebrate with friends afterwards. Other people get engaged when they are in a group of people. There is no right or wrong answer, you simply must consider what is best for your relationship.


The engagement day is often the start to a journey of wedding planning, engagement showers, and the wedding day. During this season, it is most important that you and your partner are connected and aligned each step of the way. Before you propose, make sure that you are carefully considering the thoughts and preferences of your significant other.