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What Your Birth Date Tells About Your Destiny

numerology life path destiny
Numerology: What the Study of Your Birth Date Tells About Your Destiny
numerology life path destiny
Numerology: What the Study of Your Birth Date Tells About Your Destiny

Numerology: mystical study of numbers derived from our birth dates. How core numbers can inform us about our life path, destiny, personality, attitude and karma. 

Each year serves as a milestone for every accomplishment we obtain in our lives. Birthdays have always been a special occasion for most people. Whether for kids, teens, or adults, we see birthdays as a reason to enjoy and have fun. The underlying motive that pushes us to celebrate is the new age we are about to encounter and the growth we underwent in the past year.  

But is there more to those numbers than what we initially thought? Well, an old belief called Numerology gives us a whole new perspective regarding our birth dates. Numerology is a mystical study of numbers. If you are confused by the concept, just think about it as similar to astrology or zodiac signs. 


We have all had our fair share of dreaming and wishing that we are destined for more extraordinary things. But like everything that occurs in the future, we can never be sure of what is in store for us. But what if we can at least get a manifested perception of what our future holds? 


If zodiac signs link traits, specific destinies, and possible life events to a particular birth month, numbers can pretty much do the same thing. Figures such as 11, 5, 1984, and others of the kind are linked to energy, reflecting similar notions to zodiac signs. 

Core Numbers

Core numerology numbers include your life path number, destiny number, soul urge number, personality number, attitude number, and karmic debt number. These numerical digits are tied to several life events that may occur throughout your existence on particular dates. Some events also happen on a specific day and time of the month due to the relationship between numbers. 

numerology life path destiny
Unscrambling our birth dates to find new meanings.

Your calling, purpose in life, insight on your past life, deepest desires, and personal presentation of yourself to others is information that you can gather from these core numbers. Its unique set of numerical values connects you to your cosmic self, therefore relaying predestined fate and empowering attributes. Learn shocking truths about yourself that you have yet to find out. 

How Does it Work?

There are 12 numeric values in astrology: single digits 1-9, then master numbers 11, 22, and 33. Double-digit master numbers propose a great chance at personal growth and evolution. Individuals possessing these master numbers have powerful attributes such as a significant influence or determination, ultimately leading to success if following the proper path. 

You can calculate life path number to determine which numeric values are associated with your birth date. Each number corresponds to a set of traits, strengths, and weaknesses that may bring you prosperity or lead you to a setback. How your fate plays out may depend on multiple factors, including how you choose to face everyday decisions. 

Life Path Numbers

As mentioned, life path numbers are energy manifested into your greatest desires, fears, intelligence, and other personal attributes. These characteristics may guide you to be in touch with yourself and the world around you. Once you have calculated your life path number, find out what that number says about you and your fate. 

numerology life path destiny
What’s your birthday say about your life path?

Life Path Number 1

Those with this life path number are born leaders, confident, driven, and outgoing. These individuals might fall under a lifestyle centered in their careers because of their competitive drive. On a positive note, they are on high roads to success because of the intelligence that allows them to be self-made or sufficient. 

Life Path Number 2

These harmonious individuals seek balance in every citation. They are patient, empathetic, and are great listeners to those in need. Number 2s often become mediators or listeners that provide excellent advice because of their wisdom. They also find it easier than most people to relate and understand other people’s struggles despite not experiencing them for themselves. 

Life Path Number 3

Individuals who are number 3s have creative energy surging through them. Ideas will never stop coming, making them an exceptional artist. These individuals tend to be talkers because of their playfulness and overall sociability. 

Life Path Number 4

Practical and down-to-earth personalities often belong to this group as they tend to be supremely organized and disciplined. Their practical mindset gives them an edge at approaching multiple life situations with a straightforward and mature attitude. 

Life Path Number 5

Belonging to the number 5 group includes outgoing and hyperactive people. These fueled individuals are always looking for something new to try and experience. Because of their thirst for adventure and freedom, they tend to overcome the fears of taking risks. They are quick learners who are always looking for new knowledge and skills.

Life Path Number 6

Nurturing and protective individuals fall under life path 6. Their creativity allows them to find beauty even in the most unexpected places. People with life path number value family and have incredibly close bonds with theirs. Their love for the people they cherish allows them to go beyond great lengths just to make them happy.

Life Path Number 7

Spiritual, intelligent, and analytical are words commonly used to describe those who fall under this group. These individuals value the truth more than anything, making them a bit eccentric in others’ eyes. However, their intelligence and wits add to their charm.

Life Path Number 8

Most of the people from management and respected leaders possess a life path number 8. They are skilled individuals who use their power, wisdom, and determination to succeed in their career-oriented lives. 

Life Path Number 9

Humanitarians or community-oriented people often belong to this group. Number 9s have a high sense of compassion and like to focus on the bigger picture. Their wisdom is a culmination of the other life path numbers combined. 

Master Numbers

Master numbers include 11, 22, and 33. These numbers are linked to powerful attributes that give them a highly intuitive personality. It also tells about their influential personalities that lead them to succeed in whatever they wish to do. 

Our destiny can be foretold through the energies we receive and energy we can expect to encounter shortly. Life path numbers help give us an insight regarding this matter. The way we view everyday situations can be positively influenced by our personal emotions and frustrations. But knowing our internal attributes can push us to handle them differently.