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Soho Karen to agree to fly back w/ NYPD cops or face extradition over charges

Miya Ponsetto Soho Karen
Miya Ponsetto Soho Karen: Define white privilege?
Miya Ponsetto attempted robbery charges
Soho Karen aka Miya Ponsetto attempted robbery charges face off.

Miya Ponsetto Soho Karen to agree to fly back w/ NYPD cops or face extradition over third-degree attempted robbery charges. Only catch, she’s gone into hiding. 

It looks like America’s new mean girl — aka Soho Karen — will have two choices; either volunteer to fly back with NYPD detectives when they arrive in California later this week or face extradition if she declines. But first, they might have to find her whereabouts…

NYPD detectives will fly to California with an ultimatum for the woman since identified as 22 year old woman, Miya Ponsetto who was caught on video assaulting and accusing a Black teen of stealing her phone and once again riling up national discussions of racial profiling and white privilege: Fly to New York with us now to face criminal charges, or we’ll have you arrested and extradited.

Two officers with NYPD’s Manhattan South detective bureau plan to fly out Wednesday and link up with Los Angeles cops to find Ponsetto, who wrongly blamed the 14-year-old son of Grammy-winning jazz musician Keyon Harrold of stealing her iPhone according to police sources cited by the nydailynews.

But there might be a hitch.

Ponsetto’s lawyer said Tuesday that the wanted woman is missing, and isn’t replying to her mother’s requests to get in touch.

Miya Ponsetto charges
Soho Karen Miya Ponsetto attempted robbery charges. Screenshot of Arlo Hotel incident in Manhattan.

‘This is not typical behavior for her’ 

‘She not responsive right now. She’s not responding, not picking up her phone. Her mom is very worried,’ explained lawyer, Sharen Ghatan, who represents Ponsetto on charges being publicly drunk at the upmarket Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills on Feb. 28.

‘This is not typical behavior for her,’ Ghatan said of Ponsetto’s apparent disappearance (or is it….?). ‘This is a lot of stress for someone who’s 22. She’s young and very unsophisticated, and it’s just a lot.’ 

Both Ponsetto and her mother, Nicole Ponsetto, face public intoxication charges in the Beverly Hills hotel incident, in which a law enforcement source said Nicole Ponsetto attacked a police officer.

‘Officers responded to the Peninsula Hotel and determined that both (women) were unable to care for themselves, displayed objective signs of alcohol intoxication and (were) subsequently arrested,’ a Beverly Hills Police source told the Daily News.

‘During the arrest of Nicole Ponsetto, she battered the arresting officer,’ the source said.

Manhattan district attorney Cy Vance Jr.’s office has signed off on third-degree attempted robbery charges for Ponsetto, law enforcement sources said.

Once the detectives find Ponsetto, they’ll talk to her and try to convince her to return with them, sources said.

If she won’t come, the NYPD will get a warrant for her arrest — meaning California authorities would arrest her, and she’d have to decide whether or not to fight the extradition process, the sources said.