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Betting, Partying & Bliss: The Cosmo Is Vegas Must-Stay Spot

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas betting
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas betting central. Pictured, "The Middle of the Desert" by Justin in SD i
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas betting
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas betting central. Pictured, “The Middle of the Desert” by Justin in SD. Image via Flickr.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas party and betting central. How one upmarket hotel outlet came to dominate Sin City appetite for quality, luxury, gambling and the high life. 

Planning a trip to “Sin City” aka Las Vegas? Well, the first step in any good stay in Vegas starts with the hotel stay.

Pick the right locale and you’ll be at the center of all the fun that Vegas has to offer — which is plenty, as well get too that soon. However, pick a wrong landing place and you could be out of luck, and in Vegas, you want all the luck you can have! 

So what’s the “right” hotel to reserve then? The Bellagio? Caesars Palace? MGM Grand? The Wynn?

While all four are definitely good, no scratch that, great hotels in Las Vegas, there is one more casino that is THE place to stay at. Folks, we’re talking about The Cosmopolitan

Where do we even start with the Cosmo? For one, it’s on the newer side, at least certainly compared to many competitors. It only opened its doors a decade ago in 2010, an undertaking that cost close to $4 billion to do. 

That “new-ness” is on full display as soon as you enter. Everything — and we mean everything — just looks and comes off as state-of-the-art. 

Let’s start with the actual accommodations themselves. The Cosmo is made up of two “twin towers” in the Boulevard Tower and Chelsea Tower. Between the two, there’s over 2,000 separate rooms to stay at.

Peak outside the window, especially if you’re staying in a high-rise suite, and you’ll be in the middle of Vegas’ famous “Strip.” Neighboring the Cosmo is the aforementioned Bellagio and Aria, with Paris Las Vegas, New York-New York, and MGM Grand being a stone’s throw away.

If you must chase the bright lights of Sin City, it’s certainly doable whilst staying at the Cosmo as many tourist spots are within walking distance. However, you could realistically stay inside the Cosmo all stay long and not miss a beat. Seriously. 

Want to party? Of course you, do! Meet Marquee, one of the premier nightclubs in all of Vegas, conveniently located in the Cosmo. Most of the top DJs in the entire globe have visited Marquee at one point or another, with many even having residency there.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Marquee is strictly open for pool parties on the weekends. For now, the nightclub is on pause with it open only during Sundays for a VIP-viewing experience during NFL games. Still, with a pandemic or without, Marquee is always packed with energy, drinks, and heart-pumping music. 

Speaking of the pandemic, the Cosmo, as a whole, is mostly re-opened across the board with masks and social-distancing requirements in place. This includes accompanying restaurants and retail shops, too. 

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas betting
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas betting highlife. “Cosmos Casino” by Suviko.Image via Flickr.

Of course, being as it is Las Vegas, you’re probably wondering how the gambling experience holds up at the Cosmo. Safe to say, it delivers. Big time. 

The Cosmo casino offers the full-scope of betting — slots, sportsbook, table games, tournaments. Remember earlier when we mentioned Cosmo was relatively new? Welp, that’s apparent when playing slots and video poker. Between the two, there’s over 1,300 machines to play at and each is cutting-edge in terms of graphics and technology.

Moreover, all the classic card games are playable inside the Cosmo. Blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette — you name it, the Cosmo has it. Blackjack, in particular, is constantly featured in casino tournaments that dole out big prizes. The same goes for Cosmo slot competitions.

And then there’s sports betting. Not to be overlooked, the Cosmopolitan sportsbook is no slouch. Dozens upon dozens of LED video walls and high-definition screens scatter across the area so you never miss a second of the sports action.

All betting lines inside the Cosmo sportsbook are courtesy of William Hill, a big-time bookmaker based out of the United Kingdom. This means you’ll get odds on any and every matchup whether it’s NFL, NBA, horse racing, golf, and everything else in between. 

All in all, it’s tough to go wrong with The Cosmo if you’re making an appearance in Las Vegas, Nevada. It checks all the boxes that you need for a wild stay in Sin City — dead-center location, top-end amenities, a slew betting opportunities, and yes, partying hotspots.