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The Power Of Accessories In The World Of fashion

Quality Fashion Accessories
Quality Fashion Accessories. Pictured, 1990's Frances Patiky Stein Crocodile handbag.
Quality Fashion Accessories
Quality Fashion Accessories. Pictured, 1990’s Frances Patiky Stein Crocodile handbag.

Quality Fashion Accessories that continue to dominate & influence consumer branding: from handbags, jewelry, belts & scarves.

Ladies of style have consistently comprehended what a powerful tool a good accessory can be. With one stroke, the right bag, careful selection of jewelry or even a hat can give an older piece of clothes another fresh view. 

What’s more, in times – like now – when the cost of clothing appears to be restrictive, an accessory nearly turns into an affordable bit of pleasure. The power of accessories has not gotten away from the notification of probably the greatest names in the style business.

A few years back, Liz Claiborne, a name inseparable from style for the working ladies at a sensible cost, presented a handbag line. Today, industry insiders estimate that that collection accounts in excess of 50 percent of all the handbag sales in American department stores in the tolerably estimated class. Furthermore, somewhat more than a year back, Perry Ellis added handbags to its list of licensees. Hoping to do a tolerable $1.5 million at wholesale the first year, it in truth came nearer to $7.5 million. 

A year ago, Paloma Picasso threw her considerable design skills and well-known name into launching an aspiring fashion accessories & jewellery shop, including everything from umbrellas to gloves. Now sold through a 35 American stores, her company has plans to go worldwide with its items.

About a same time, Frances Patiky Stein also turned into a ”name” on the accessory scene. Mrs. Stein, a former magazine editor and stylist, was unknown to people but respected within the industry as a skillful stylist. In addition to other things, she has for a long time directed the styling of a great part of the Chanel accessory line

Both Ms. Picasso’s and Mrs. Stein’s wears are expensive, but they are undeniably loaded with high style. Ms. Picasso’s are on the exotic side of style, while Mrs. Stein’s are on the luxury classic curve. How well both of these collections are selling depends on who you talk to. In any case, there is no disputing the thrust of fashion they have injected into the style field. 

Now come two other giants in industry. This month, Calvin Klein accessories are showing up in many major American stores. Furthermore, similar to any fashion territory this designer takes on, the research has been thorough, the product range carefully thought out, the styling intentionally kept simple but strong and the merchandising plans rather stunning. Klein’s bags, small leather goods and belts will come from $110 to $800 (with exclusive things up to $8,000), and the company hopes to sell $25 million worth this year. 

Then there is Tiffany and Company – the famous American company has been spreading out in some courageous territories of late. More than a year ago, it was a just a perfume. Flushed with such a success, the company is currently out to make a scratch in the quality accessory market.

Under the hands-on approach and sharp eye of Tiffany’s design chief, John Loring, the aim is to introduce merchandise to equal the popularity, the prominence and business success of Hermes or Chanel. A lot of the Tiffany handbags, ranging in cost from $250 to $3,000, have T-shaped catches, and the fairly amazingly designed assortment of scarves ($130 to $225) are regularly imprinted on texture with attentive Tiffany T’s woven into them. Right now, these are just sold in Tiffany stores.