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Games to Play When You’re Bored

Yahtzee game
Yahtzee game
Games of Chance to play
Games of Chance to play when you’re bored: Scrabble.

Games of Chance to play when you’re bored: Solitaire, Yahtzee, and Scrabble beyond free online games to get you through the pandemic.

There’s nothing worse than feeling bored. Especially now, during the pandemic, even those quiet moments when you used to seek out books or tv are replaced by a feeling of apathy. Nothing is fun anymore, it seems. But games? Games are always a source of joy. And now, playing games is easier than ever. All you need is a mobile device or a computer and an internet connection, and you’ll never be bored again.

Fun Games to Play  

There are loads of free games to play online. Some are games of skill, but today we’re going to talk about games of chance. Solitaire, Yahtzee, and Scrabble are all games of chance, though you wouldn’t immediately think so.

Games of Chance to play when you’re bored: Solitaire card game.


The first game on our list is free online classic solitaire. What makes solitaire fun is that while the process of playing remains the same, there’s still an element of chance to the game. You know how many cards are in each stack, but not which cards are there or what order they’re in. The challenge is in unraveling the layers of cards to get them appropriately placed in their nicely ordered stacks. And of course, don’t forget what happens when you win: the cards fall, filling the screen with patterns. It’s the little things that light up your life these days.   

Yahtzee game
Yahtzee game


Yahtzee is a traditional dice chance game and was actually one of the first games to go digital, alongside solitaire. Online Yahtzee is fairer than regular Yahtzee because it removes the human element of cheating when rolling the dice. You get five dice; you have three rolls of the dice per round for 13 rounds. There are 13 different categories to record scores in, from ones through sixes to a full house, a straight (four or five sequential dice), or a Yahtzee, which is five dice all with the same number. Of course, there’s some strategy in picking each round’s best roll for your overall score. 

However, all of the fun in Yahtzee comes from it truly being a game of chance. There’s something exciting about rolling the dice and waiting to see what comes up, and in the online version, everyone gets a fair shot.   


Scrabble is the best game to play online if you’re a word fiend. And better yet, you can meet players and fellow word fiends from around the world. Scrabble is another classic game with simple rules that translates well to online play. The tiles are pre-selected for you, and gameplay moves quickly by dragging and dropping your tiles onto the board.  

Although there’s intense competitiveness to Scrabble, it’s still a friendly competition. There’s satisfaction in crafting a high-scoring word, or in frustrating your opponent with sneaky gameplay. Scrabble is slightly more cerebral than the other games discussed here, but it is still all about chance. You never know what letters you’ll get, and all the skill in the world won’t make up for having a tray full of vowels.   

Games for Fun and Focus  

Online games are more popular than ever. Free online games offer distraction and entertainment, and friendly, socially-distant competition. You can play by yourself, with friends, or with strangers who will become friends. Online games are easy to play, as well as highly accessible.  

During these challenging times, it’s essential to find activities that lift your spirits. Playing free online classic solitaire, Yahtzee or Scrabble is fun and interactive. Games offer a diversion to mundane days at home with limited interaction. So grab your mobile device, your family or friends, and shuffle the cards, roll the dice, or hand out the tiles. You won’t regret it, and you might even discover that you’re a word fiend, too.