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Barnstable road rage: woman throws iced coffee on sleeping 2 year old- cuts his face

emma silva marston mills 2
Pictured, Emma Silva Marston Mills, woman
emma silva marston mills
Barnstable road rage. Pictured, Emma Silva Marston Mills, Massachusetts woman

Emma Silva Marstons Mill, Massachusetts woman throws iced coffee on sleeping 2 year old in road rage incident, leading to child’s face bloodied.

Because who doesn’t feel invincible while driving a Jeep Liberty? A Massachusetts woman has been accused of throwing a cup of iced coffee at a sleeping 2-year-old boy in a purported road rage incident according to reports.

Emma Silva, 20, of Marstons Mill, Mass., was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a child under 14 and negligent operation of a motor vehicle the capecod reports.

Barnstable police said the boy’s mother reported the road rage incident, which happened Wednesday afternoon along Route 28, Centerville, Cape Cod.

Silva is alleged to have told police ‘another woman operating a white Jeep Liberty was ‘riding her bumper’ and ‘laying on her horn’ while yelling at her.’

She said the suspect ‘threw a cup of iced coffee into her vehicle, striking her sleeping 2-year-old son in the face while he was seated in the rear of her car in his child safety seat,’ police said.

Did suspect intend to throw ‘weapon’ through open window? 

The cup cut the boy’s face and nose, leaving the child bloodied. Spilled contents were observed in the back seat of the parent’s vehicle. 

Police said a short time later an officer made contact with Silva and she volunteered to come to the police station. She was arrested after the boy’s waiting mother identified her.

Silva was arraigned in Barnstable District Court Thursday morning, and released on $540 bail and is due back in court on Nov. 4.

It remained unclear if the woman was aware of the presence of a child in the vehicle and whether she had intended on striking the vehicle’s occupants.