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Florida nail salon Karen quotes Bhad Bhabie in racist rant against worker

Corina Monica aka Florida nail salon Karen
Corina Monica aka Florida nail salon Karen
Corina Monica aka Florida nail salon Karen
Pictured, Corina Monica aka Florida nail salon Karen. Image via screengrab- YouTube.

Corina Monica aka Florida nail salon Karen goes on racist tirade against worker, including quoting Bhad Bhabie in threat to ‘cash me outside’.

Here we go again. A Florida woman has ‘blown up’ but not perhaps in the way she intended after secret video captured her going on a racist tirade against immigrant workers at a nail salon.

The video uploaded on social media shows the woman, branded a Karen (a pejorative term to describe a self entitled privileged middle aged female individual, often a racist) as she goes off on a racist rant following a dispute with the ‘immigrant workers.’

During the rant which sees Florida Karen going so far as to quote Bhad Bhabie‘s famous catchphrase from Dr. Phil’ and telling one of the employees to ‘cash me outside,’ the ‘Karen’ identifies herself as Corina Monica, an independent recording artist, whose music is going to become the next big thing in the industry. Maybe not the music, but certainly the antics….

The hidden recording begins amid an argument between Florida Karen and a nail worker who it appeared had refused to continue serving the aspiring musician halfway through the session, in turn angering Monica.

‘You took my nails off, what am I supposed to do now?’ she asks as someone replies, ‘You can have another professional help you…’ However, she refuses to heed the suggestion and says, ‘Oh that’s real professional sister!’

Go back to your f**king country.’

‘Where are you from?’ Monica asks as the worker asks her why she was looking worried. ‘I am not worried,’ Monica says. ‘You come to this country, work here, don’t do what’s right for our citizens? You make money, you live in my country, you gonna tell me you can’t do my nails b***h? The f**k you think you are b***h? The f**k is wrong with you?’

As the worker seeks to diffuse the situation, Monica revs up another notch, telling the female worker, Go back to your f**king country.’ After the statement, there were a number of audible gasps from the employees as one of them says, ”You should leave, honestly.’

The confrontation heats up when Monica replies with, ‘Yeah b***h? Make me leave. Meet me outside. ‘Cash’ me outside. How about that? I am crazy as f**k. I will f**k you up.’ – bingo kids! 

The workers seemed to be aware of Bhad Bhabie a.k.a Danielle Bregoli‘s famous catchphrase as a few of them started giggling. ‘I am not gonna say anything,’ one of the seemingly amused workers responds.

But there’s more to come.

Monica proceeds to explain that she is smarter than any of the workers in the nail salon and she was a recording artist who was gonna “f**king blow the f**k up” after which workers were going to wish that she came and had her nails done at the salon.

‘Look it up. Corina Monica, stay flossy. ‘Cause you know what? That b***h ain’t flossy, this place ain’t flossy… y’all suck… hope you f**king lose this place,’ she said before the video ended.

‘Today I made a terrible mistake’

TMZ also reached out to the person who posted the salon video. Although they chose not to reveal the identity of the nail technician who was targeted by Monica, the person did reveal that the victim of her harassment was born in the United States. 

Of note, Monica come Friday released an apology video (better start reviving your career) which has left social media deflated

Explains Monica in part in the immediately above video, ‘Today I made a terrible mistake, I was inhumane and a terrible person.’

Responded one individual on social media, ‘You’d think that her racism is the nastiest thing about her, I thought that too, until I heard her music.’ 

And for those of you curious to hear more of Corina’s music, here’s a 2018 release below, ‘Your Loves Driving Me Crazy….’ Indeed.