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Good little slave: Florida Karen abuses black woman at bus stop cause she’s Mexican

Megan Charleton
Pictured, Megan Charleton and un-identified Mexican woman.
Megan Charleton
Pictured, Megan Charleton and un-identified Mexican woman.

Florida Karen calls black woman Megan Charleton at Pasco County bus stop wearing face mask, ‘good little slave’ in video episode.

Here we go again. A black Florida woman has told of being called a ‘good little slave’ by another woman for putting on her face mask as she was getting onto a public bus. 

Megan Charleton, 30, was waiting for a bus in Pasco County on Thursday when the unidentified woman rebuked her for putting on the mask.

The ‘Karen’, a pejorative term used to describe usually self entitled seemingly privileged middle aged white woman – was at the time accompanied by three children, justified her remarks, telling Charleton, ‘that as a Mexican,’ she had effective authority to refer to her as a slave. 

Charleton shared a video (see below) of the incident to social media (using handle: @ThisIsMeg2) in which the un-identified ‘Mexican’ woman can be heard telling her she is ‘like all the rest of the slaves out there’. 

In an Instagram post, Charleton said the other woman was first sitting on the ground behind the bus stop with her three kids and approached her to ask what time the bus comes. 

Nasty ass tone

When Charleton told her once an hour, the other woman said she was wrong and called dispatch to ask.   

Posted Charleton, ‘She gets off the phone right as my mom calls me. As I’m on the phone and the bus is pulling up, Karen comes up to me an say in a nasty ass tone, ‘I called they said it’s every 30 minutes’ so I said ‘okay, I’ve lived here 20 years it’s always been once an hour but okay’ I then hang up the phone with my mom,’ 

‘As the bus pulls to a stop I go to put on my mask because Pasco County has a mask mandate and this woman proceeds to tell me ‘that’s right be a good little slave.”

The remark is not caught on video but Charleton said she immediately started recording after she said it. 

A video of what happened after the alleged comments shows the other woman standing with a packed stroller and her kids beside her. 

‘You just told me be a good little slave,’ Charleton tells her. 

‘Your wearing your mask live all the rest of the slaves out there,’ the un-identified woman responds.

Clever ways to justify racism? 

‘You’re telling me a woman of color be a good little slave?’ Charleton asks. 

The woman argues that she can say it as she is also a woman of color.  

‘And I’m a woman of color too. I’m a Mexican woman of color too,’ she says. 

‘I don’t believe in skin tone because we’re all humans and there’s no such thing as a different race.’

‘It doesn’t matter you don’t say that. That should be offensive to you what’s wrong with you,’ Charleton answers, adding that she is not setting a ‘good example for your children’. 

The video then shows the bus pulling up and Charleton entering and sitting down through the middle door. 

Megan Charleton Pasco County
Social media responds to Megan Charleton Pasco County bus stop video with Florida Karen.

Deliberate provocation

The other woman walks toward the front door but it is not known if she boarded or if she was allowed to without a mask.  

‘Regardless of the connotation in which she meant the word slave you do not ever call a black or brown person a slave. Ever,’ Charleton added in her post’

‘She could’ve chosen any other word. But deliberately chose slave’. 

The incident comes as Pasco County introduced a mask mandate in late June, ‘requiring individuals to wear masks while indoors at a public business or county government facility,’ As of Florida’s rate of coronavirus infections as of Friday came in at 10,383, with 95 deaths.