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Tips for Those Who Do Not Have Time

Effective study time management
Effective study time management explored. Stock image.
Effective study time management
Effective study time management explored. Stock image.

Effective study time management techniques: How to balance work, education, recreation & retain productivity which yield results with modern day strategies.

Of course, studying is an important part of life. But this is not the whole life, even if you are the best among others. We share an action plan that will help to solve all problems and free up time for what brings pleasure.

1. Divide the tasks into separate stages

Processes in studying are continuous, regular, and one-time, large-scale, and fairly short. But any of them can be divided into stages or iterations. If you see that you don’t have enough time for some tasks, you can delegate them to professionals of essaysmatch service. This will allow you to save time and complete necessary tasks.

Effective planning is assisted by project management techniques. Some of these might suit you:

    * Kanban is an interactive employment map and it can be made up for yourself personally. You will need a board and stickers. The board is divided into three columns, indicating the main stages: “To do”, “Doing”, “Done”. You can also add columns for non-urgent or side tasks. Each part of the board needs to be filled with stickers that migrate from column to column as you work.

     * Six Sigma is a technique in which a project is divided into stages. Each stage is in turn divided into five steps: determination, measurement, research, development, and control. The approach works perfectly for long-term projects such as course works or term thesis.

2. Define priorities and set deadlines

Solving problems as they become available is not always effective and profitable. Moreover, new tasks appear constantly and sometimes quite suddenly.

It is impossible to grasp the immensity, even if you work around the clock and completely surrender to your favorite subjects. On the other hand, there is always the temptation to do what you like and push the rest into the far corner.

The main resource of your studying is you. And this resource is not infinite. Knowing this will help you prioritize and honestly set specific deadlines. If your goal is the result and benefit, then it is them that should be put in the first place, and not pleasure.

3. Plan your rest

Rest is extremely important, especially when you study a lot. If you surrender to your favorite subjects 24/7, your resources will not be enough for a long time.

Better not take the risk. Plan your rest in advance, take a weekend, allow yourself to be distracted by studying, only if it is something serious.

Several Additional Tips on Finding more Time

  1. Stop watching Netflix. According to some estimates, on average we spend 13.6 years (78,000 hours) of life watching TV. This time could be spent on something more useful.

  2. Write down what you spend time on. So you can see how much time is wasted and evaluate what it would be better to spend on.

  3. Refuse from things that take your time, energy, and attention and give little in return.

  4. Learn touch type. The average typing speed is about 40 words per minute, and touch typing increases it to 60–80 words.

  5. Watch how you spend time at the computer using the RescueTime program. It works in the background and notes how much time you have spent on different sites.

  6. Use the Pomodoro method. According to this technique, you need to work at intervals of 25 minutes and then take a five-minute break.

  7. Make a list of important things you can do when you want to procrastinate. So you will do something useful and get distracted.

  8. Live by the rule of two minutes. If it takes less than two minutes to complete a task, don’t put it off and put it on the to-do list, but do it right away.

These simple rules will help you to become more motivated and understand how to manage your time to achieve the best results.