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How to Stay Sane During an Extended Stay-At-Home Period

Staying sane during extended stay
Staying sane during extended stay. Stock image.
Staying sane during extended stay
Staying sane during extended stay. Stock image.

Staying sane during an extended stay-st-home period: Contrary to popular opinion there are many things to keep anxiety & boredom at bay & enjoy new past-times or learn new skills.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed the way of life for many people. An everyday reminder from the World Health Organization (WHO) and government agencies is that people stay at their homes and only go out for essential needs such as food, groceries, and medicine.

Many people have experienced cabin fever because of the sudden change from a thriving and bustling social life to living indoors. While some embrace this change, others may feel anxiety and boredom from being locked up without an active social life.

There are many ways to entertain oneself during the stay-at-home period. An excellent idea is to join Gclub, an online gaming platform that people use to play a wide variety of casino games. 

Here are other ways to stay sane while staying indoors:

Have a News Detox

Because of the influx of social media, news can easily travel from one platform to another, be it Twitter or Facebook. While these sites offer the most current information, they can also fill someone with dread. Distancing yourself from negative news such as by turning off notifications from social media apps or uninstalling them for short periods can do wonders in reducing anxiety.

Go Outside — and Follow Social Distancing Protocols

Being indoors for a prolonged time can drive anyone crazy. Make sure to go out for a short walk to absorb the sunshine and give your muscles a proper stretching. Light stretching will reduce your risk for muscle fatigue from sitting down or lying down the whole day.

If you are going outside, ensure that you follow your area’s social distancing protocols, wear a mask, hydrate often, and sanitize.

Have a Routine

It can be tempting to lie around and spend otherwise productive time on gaming sites like Gclub. To ensure you’re hitting your goals and keeping productive, create a simple outline of your day to achieve mini-milestones. Consider developing new routines to ward away feelings of anxiety and boredom. 

Go Easy on Yourself

Time indoors can boost your productivity if you invest the right time to learn new skills, but understand that we are going through a pandemic, which is not a normal circumstance.

Be gentle with yourself. If you feel like taking the time to relax and be with your family, then do so. There should be no pressure to be extra productive during a crisis.


Now that you have free time, consider the therapeutic activity of cleaning. Try cleaning out your wardrobe and see if anyone’s up for online bartering activities. Who knows? By trading your old yoga blocks, you could have a new set of weights! Don’t forget to disinfect them.

Surround Yourself With Support

In times of global pandemics, it’s helpful to reach out to loved ones. Check in on friends and family, and ensure you keep an open line of communication. 

If you miss them, ask if you can FaceTime or invite them for a fun and friendly game at online casinos like Gclub.