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How to Increase HGH Levels: Top 3 Ways

Increase Human Growth Hormone
Increase Human Growth Hormone. Stock image.
 Increase Human Growth Hormone
Increase Human Growth Hormone. Stock image.

How to Increase Human Growth Hormone (HGH): Using Hormone Replacement Therapy along with diet, activity and rest to stimulate growth and re energizing. 

Hormones play an important role in the functioning of the human body. These chemicals, which are typically produced in the endocrine system, get secreted into the bloodstream in order to elicit a certain response. For this reason, hormones are often considered “chemical messengers” for their role in communicating certain messages within the human body.

The Human Development Hormone

HGH is one of the more well-known hormones, although, ironically, much of the public is simply unaware as to what this chemical is responsible for. In short, this hormone is critical for human development by stimulating growth, the production of cells, and the regeneration of cells. It’s a smaller protein produced in the pituitary gland before it’s secreted into the bloodstream. A complicated series of reactions and hormones are responsible for producing GH in the pancreas, intestinal tract, and hypothalamus (a portion of the brain)

GH comes out in bursts during trauma, sleep, and exercise. Typically, more is produced during the night than in the middle of the day. During a typical lifespan, the production of GH will increase in childhood, start to plane out during puberty, and eventually decline around middle age and onward. When you’re young, GH helps to spur the growth of cartilage and bones. Everybody with healthy levels of GH receive boosts in the production of protein, sees the raising of blood sugar levels, and has fat utilized more efficiently.

Normal Levels for Men and Women

As mentioned before, it’s normal for growth hormone levels to fluctuate throughout a healthy person’s life. In addition to fulfilling different functions at different stages of an individual’s life, GH also can impact men and women differently. That’s why it’s common for ranges to differ. In general, the typical range of HGH for grown men is 0.4-10 ng/mL. For grown women, the normal range is 1-14 ng/mL. This range look a little different for children who typically see level hovering between 10-50 ng/mL.

How to Boost Human Growth Hormone When Necessary

There are a few ways, both natural and unnatural, in which one can work to increase the amount of growth hormone within their body. Let’s explore a few: 


The types of food you eat and the way in which you eat them can have a large impact on the production of human growth hormone in your body. First and foremost, the amount of belly fat you have is directly linked to your production of GH. Furthermore, periods of fasting have been shown to drastically increase a person’s level of this important hormone. Planning your diet around these factors can help to boost your GH levels naturally without the need for supplementation.

Sleep and Sport

Activity and rest are two other factors that play a key role in GH production. In fact, exercise has proven to be one of the best ways to boost your GH levels naturally. Exercises aimed at high intensity have shown to boost GH the most, but all kinds of exercise have a benefit. Taking a beta-alanine supplement before your exercise has also been shown to temporarily increase GH levels while also allowing for more repetitions.

Replacement Therapy

Another effective way to boost your GH levels is through hormone replacement therapy or HRT. This method sees patients being injected with GH over an extended period of time. The cadence of injections will depend largely upon the severity of the deficiency. This treatment needs to be prescribed by a doctor and can either be administered by the patient or by a doctor. You can also consult an expert from Male Excel to find out if you need a hormone replacement therapy.

Benefits of HGH Replacement Therapy

According to HGH Therapy Clinic of Miami, most common benefits of Growth Hormone replacement can help you to:

– Boost capacity for high-intensity exercise
– Help burn body fat more efficiently
– Increase the amount of muscle mass on your body
– Boost bone density

Warnings and Prescription

Hormone replacement therapy requires a prescription from a medical professional. It’s important to understand all of the risks involved before undergoing this procedure. Although a good number of people handle GH injection well, there are, of course, those that have adverse side effects. Swelling of your hands and feet, headaches, joint pain, and muscle aches are just a few of the possible side effects one could receive from these treatments.