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Polish L’Oreal model has face destroyed after adopted rescue dog attacks her

Aleksandra Prykowska
Pictured, Aleksandra Prykowska, Polish L'Oreal model and actress.
Aleksandra Prykowska
Pictured, Aleksandra Prykowska, Polish L’Oreal model and actress.

Aleksandra Prykowska, Polish L’Oreal model and actress has face destroyed and nearly loses an eye after her rescue dog attacks her. Animal shelter blames her. 

A Polish actress and model who nearly lost an eye after she was attacked by her rescue dog has been criticized by the shelter she adopted him from for being ‘inept’ at looking after the animal properly.

Aleksandra Prykowska from Warsaw, Poland, was rushed to hospital with grave injuries to her face after her pet mongrel called Logan ‘went berserk’ just months after she had adopted him from the local animal shelter, local media reports.

Posting a photo on social media, the disfigured 33-year-old TV and theater star who was the 2015 face of L’Oreal posted: ‘I had an accident and had to make the most difficult decision in my life.

‘I do not want to write about the details now, because it is most important for me to protect what is left for me.

‘I am not writing to bother you. I am alive and looked after. I just can’t work in this current state. There are situations in life that change us forever.’

Aleksandra Prykowska
Pictured, Aleksandra Prykowska with adopted rescue dog.

Model accuses animal shelter of hiding adopted animal’s past

The recent attack comes off the heels of Logan having a troubled past and suffering from cancer.

According to Prykowska, Logan had increasingly become aggressive, including the dog attacking the neighbor’s daughter, as well as biting the wife of the previous owner in the face.

While Prykowska wont lose her eye according to medics, the model/actress decided on returning Logan to the shelter.

Accusing the shelter of hiding information about the dog’s past the model said: ‘I’m afraid that another person may be hurt because Logan destroyed my face, bit me several times, not only me and my neighbor’s daughter, but also the wife of the previous owner, even before he got to the shelter.

‘I’d like to find a behaviourist for Logan who will look after him. You can’t hide such important facts about Logan’s past.

‘He is a great dog, but he needs special professional care.’

The shelter in turn responded accusing the actress of ineptness and saying behaviorists were on hand if she had needed them — the dailymail reports.

Aleksandra Prykowska
Aleksandra Prykowska for L’Oreal.

Animal shelter claims L’Oreal model never reported a problem until the attack

In a public statement, director of the shelter Henryk Strzelczyk said that all people adopting dogs from the shelter have access to free behavioral support but that they hadn’t had any contact with Prykowska since the adoption.

He said ‘The adopter never came in for such help. She was in constant contact with dog volunteers because he was very sick, but never reported a problem to them until the attack.’

A volunteer at the shelter told local media: ‘The story with Logan was unfortunately the result of poor handing of a dog with a difficult past and, additionally, after a serious illness.

‘There was an attack, but the owner made a number of mistakes.’

Another volunteer said the actress had used ‘war-like domination’ methods when handling Logan.

Describing Logan on their website, the shelter says: ‘When Logan got to the shelter, he was distrustful of strangers and not very well socialized.

‘However, a month was enough for him to open himself to people and enjoy seeing them.

‘For Logan, we are looking for a mature, stable home without other dogs and children.

‘His future guardian should be focused on working with him and building a relationship.

‘Everyone who has gained Logan’s trust so far has fallen in love with him completely.

‘Because a tamed Logan is a fantastic dog and an exceptional friend.’

Defending her decision to return the dog, Prykowska said: ‘Logan was very attached to me, he didn’t want to go back to the shelter.

‘Driving to the hospital I was afraid that there would be consequences.

‘I didn’t know if Logan would be put to sleep, I remember it used to be this way. For the first ten days I was silent, I didn’t even tell my parents.

‘But I wouldn’t be able to take care of him with only one working eye.

‘Specialists told me that soon it could be even worse. I saw that the dog began to behave differently. After this event he was tense, he did not follow my commands.

‘I tried not to show fear, but I live alone, I was afraid.’

The shelter said it had now taken Logan back and wouldn’t be looking to put him up for adoption.

Aleksandra Prykowska
Aleksandra Prykowska