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Fit & healthy gym mom comes down w/ coronavirus issues warning

Tara Jane Langston
Tara Jane Langston contracts coronavirus.
Tara Jane Langston
Tara Jane Langston contracts coronavirus.

Tara Jane Langston London fit mother of two comes down w/ coronavirus & shares video imploring others to take precautions & not an illness for the old.

A fit-and-healthy mother of two has shared video of herself in the midst of her coronavirus peril warning her followers of the dangers of the contagion which she describes like having ‘glass in her lungs’.

In her since viral video, Tara Jane Langston, describes how every breath is a ‘battle’ with the 39 year old woman now out of intensive care and recovering well.

Langston was rushed to hospital last Friday after coming down with a mystery illness only to be diagnosed with Covid-19 on Sunday. 

With her phone, Langston filmed herself in the intensive care unit at Hillingdon Hospital in west London pleading with others to take the deadly COVID-19 seriously. 

Seen coughing and gasping for breath, Langston a waitress, describes the series of events with her Whatsapp contacts leading up to her diagnosis. The illness follows Langston having returned from a trip to Krakow in Poland with husband Richard and their two daughters.

In the video, Langston describes having been unwell all of last week after initially being diagnosed with a chest infection and given antibiotics, which she took alongside ibuprofen and paracetamol.

Langston, now believes the ibuprofen may have exacerbated the virus, which kept her at Hillingdon Hospital in west London for the last week. The issue of whether taking ibuprofen in the midst of suffering coronavirus further puts the afflicted at further risk continues to be hotly debated.

Placed in intensive care with forced breathing device: 

Speaking to the camera Langston says: ‘I’m in the intensive care unit and I can’t breathe without this. They’ve had to sew that into my artery. I’ve got a cannula, another cannula and a catheter. I’m actually ten times better than what I was before. I’ve lost count of the days.

‘If anyone still smokes, put the cigarettes down because I’m telling you now you need your f***ing lungs and, please, none of you take any chances, I mean it, because if it gets really bad than you’re going to end up here. My body is fighting this so once again don’t take any chances.’

Told Langston via the dailymail: ‘It’s like having glass in your lungs, it’s hard to explain, but every breath is a battle.

‘It’s absolutely horrible and I wouldn’t want to go through anything like this ever again. I’d been ill for about five days before I was taken to hospital in an ambulance.

‘I’d originally been diagnosed with a chest infection and given antibiotics and advised to take ibuprofen and paracetamol. I was taking about eight ibuprofen a day and they now think that that exacerbated the problem.

‘When I was taken into intensive care they originally planned to sedate me and keep me in intubation because my body had gone through it all for the best part of a week and I was shattered.

‘Fortunately I was kept awake but needed six litres of oxygen. Now that I’m improving I’m on one liter.’  

Tara Jane Langston
Pictured, Tara Jane Langston London mom of two. Image via Facebook.
coronavirus cases UK
coronavirus cases UK. Stats via worldometers.

Langston is now recovering from her ordeal after catching the virus, which has infected 3269 people and killed 144 in Britain alone.

The contraction seemingly highlights that the novel coronavirus is not an illness that only affects the elderly or those with underlying health conditions – but also young and reasonably, healthy and physically fit as well. 

Ms Langston said that she has watched in dismay clips of commuters still cramming into tube trains and drinkers packing out pubs, refusing to heed the advice of the government to stay home.

She said that becoming infected had changed her viewpoint, explaining: ‘People have to realise that they need to self-isolate, it’s the only way. Believe me.

‘I can understand their mind-set because I had that attitude before of “it’s a load of nonsense, it’s just being all hyped up” before I got this– I wasn’t one to buy into all the hysteria. But then I got the coronavirus and I never again want to experience anything like it because it was a deeply unpleasant experience.

‘That’s why I filmed myself in the ICU and sent it to my work mates because they were supposed to be all meeting up for a training event and I wanted to tell them not to go as it wasn’t worth the risk. They’d be better off staying at home self-isolating.

‘Whatever restrictions the government has now been put in place should have been done two weeks ago I believe. My story should be a warning to others – you need to take this seriously.’

Langston’s husband has since told of looking forward to having the mom of two back home upon her finishing her self quarantine stint.

The UK government is set to introduce a range of new emergency laws like giving police the power to detain people with coronavirus who are not self-isolating.

London is heading for lockdown within days.