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How to combine sports and good grades at college

College Athletes Good Grades
College Athletes Good Grades dilemma. Stock image.
College Athletes Good Grades
College Athletes Good Grades dilemma. Stock image.

College Athletes Delicate Balance of combining sports and good grades. With the increasing upside of a career in sports also comes the demands of excelling academically too. 

Whether you aim to compete professionally or just want to stay fit, sports may take up a considerable amount of your time in college. As an athlete, you have training sessions and competitions on a regular basis. You also have other sport commitments, such as constantly maintaining good health and staying in perfect shape. These are the attributes of professional athletes, but if even at the level of a college team, you may face the same expectations from your coach.

While sports are generally considered to be good for everyone, such activities will inevitably interfere with your academic schedule. College athletes are expected to complete a double curriculum both academic and athletic. It is too easy to begin questioning your abilities and fall into self-doubt. Instead, you can follow our tips and make a little effort to combine your athletic ambitions with your academic routine.

Choose a major you enjoy

Liking your subject is more than just a pleasant bonus. If you take a genuine interest in your major and its related disciplines, you will feel enthusiastic about performing academic tasks and will be less prone to procrastination. This means you will experience little stress from your studies and will be able to pay greater attention to sports. The way you feel about routine tasks plays a big role in shaping your mental health, so make sure you choose the subject you feel most at home in.

Schedule tasks and map out your priorities

As a college athlete, you constantly need to stick to a tight and well-organized schedule. By the time your group mates creep sleepily into their first morning lessons, you might need to have finished your morning exercise, had breakfast, and done final preparations for classes. When the lessons are over, you will most certainly have a training session or sporting event on campus. To squeeze it all into one day, you need to make a list of tasks and mark their priority. Try to schedule only the most urgent assignments for any given day, as your other obligations mean you do not have as much time for your homework as other students do. You may also ask Rapid Essay to write papers for you. 

Communicate with professors

When you can hardly complete all the tasks you are supposed to, it is a wise move to discuss the details with your teachers. Most professors do not object to answering questions, so you should ask for as detailed a description as you can get. Also check whether due dates can be postponed, and arrange tasks according to their urgency. Certainly, college teachers will not give you any sort of special preference just because you are an athlete. But you can build supportive relations with your professor in case you need a favor, such as extending a deadline. 

College Athletes Good Grades1
College Athletes Good Grades: How some sports like basketball and football compare lower vs other sports when it comes to end of term GPA scores. Graph via collegeathletesacademics.com

Stay motivated

Combining sports and studying requires extraordinary energy. You may resort to caffeinated drinks or whatever stimulants you like, but nothing will give you as high a lift as a strong motivation. Believe in your inner resources and always have a target to be reached. Your natural enthusiasm about the things you like (i.e., sports) is an unlimited source of energy. People who manage to accomplish more than their peers always have motivation as the key secret behind their productivity.

Make healthy choices

If you are about to go pro in your sport, a healthy diet is a must for you. All athletes know how important quality nutrition is to preserving and improving their excellent physical condition. Even if you are an amateur athlete, you will gain a significant advantage from eating healthy food and practicing a balanced diet every single day. You need plenty of energy to reach your daily goals, and a proper diet will help you avoid a plethora of health problems. Opt for fruits, vegetables, and cereals every day, but make sure you are getting enough protein and fats to fuel your body in a healthy way. Cut out fast food and substitute it with something more nutritious but similarly satisfying.

If you do decide to take sports more seriously, it’s a wonderful ambition to pursue, and one you can certainly combine with your college studies. At first, you may find it difficult to organize yourself effectively, but you can develop excellent time management if you do not give up on your dream.