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Are Apple Macs worth the money?

Advantages of Apple Mac
Advantages of Apple Mac
Apple Mac
Should you buy an Apple Mac? Image via Unsplash.

Should you Buy an Apple Mac? How Apple ecosystem tailors to user’s needs, looping in iPhone, iPads, along with ongoing software updates. 

If you’re in the market for a new computer, you might well have glanced over at those shiny Apple Mac desktops and laptops at the store. Let’s face it; they are designer technology, but are they also practical too? And, are they even worth the price premium compared to Windows-based systems?

You might think that Apple Macs are overpriced and seldom-used by most people. But you’d be wrong! Believe it or not, they are worth the money, even if the price ticket leaves you feeling somewhat shocked! Here’s why it makes sense to put some serious consideration into buying an Apple Mac:

They make sense if you own an iPhone or iPad

One of the brilliant things about Apple technology is that it all works seamlessly well in its ecosystem. For example, if you had an iPhone and Mac, and you’re working at your Mac, it will alert you when you get a call or message on your iPhone. It’s quite a handy feature to have, especially if you tend to leave your phone on silent! You can also write and reply to text messages on your Mac, and even take calls on it too if your iPhone is nearby.

Because they are all part of the same Apple ecosystem, sharing content between the devices is simple. That means you could, for instance, open up an image on your Mac that was taken with your iPhone’s camera.

The shared ecosystem concept is something Microsoft finally got around to mimicking but without much system. Google, to some degree, has attempted to achieve a similar idea with Android and the Google account. But, there isn’t a high takeup of Google’s Chromebook devices compared to regular tablets and laptops.

Software updates and bug fixes get issued fast on macOS

Apple Mac computers don’t use Microsoft Windows, but rather an operating system called macOS (formerly OS X), a hybrid version of UNIX. As with Windows, macOS is a closed operating system – meaning Apple doesn’t share much of the source code to it. Because of that fact, they are solely in charge of issuing software updates and bug fixes to macOS.

Historically, the same cannot get said for Microsoft Windows when it comes to quick updates and bug fixes. So, if you want a computer that has an up-to-date operating system, you’re better off choosing a Mac.

Macs last longer than their PC counterparts

Believe it or not, the majority of Apple Mac desktops and laptops will outlive their PC equivalents. There are several reasons why that is so:

  • Better build quality. Apple computer systems are premium products, and so it goes without saying they use premium components. PC manufacturers tend to mix and match components, and the general build quality of desktop and laptop cases is mediocre at best;
  • Better reliability. No-one can say that Apple systems are indestructible. But, if you perform general maintenance on them, such as using the various free cleaners for Mac computers to delete unwanted temporary files, they will always run in tip-top condition;
  • Better compatibility. You don’t have to keep buying a new system every couple of years to continue using the software you operate regularly. It’s not unusual for Mac owners to keep their systems for at least a decade, believe it or not!

You’ll feel confident about what you need to do on a Mac

Many PC users don’t like to admit it. But, there’s always the thought in the back of their minds of whether their computers will operate as expected each time they use them. Fortunately, with an Apple Mac, you don’t need to have such a lack of confidence! That’s because they do exactly what is expected of them, making you feel confident that you can continue your work on them without issue.

On the rare occasion that your Mac has a technical hiccup, it’s pretty easy to diagnose the source of the problem and get it sorted. With a Windows-based system, the issue could be down to virtually anything! As such, racking down the culprit can sometimes take a long time.

Advantages of Apple Mac
Advantages of Apple Mac. Image via Unsplash.

It’s built to last

Lastly, if you’ve never used a Mac before, one thing you will notice is that it doesn’t feel cheap and plasticky! Yes, they are expensive machines, but they are high-end premium products. If you owned a Mac from new for five years, it would still feel reliable and durable just like it did the first day you used it.