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4 New Ways You Can Use Apple Pay & Google Pay in the UK

Apple Pay & Google Pay
Apple Pay & Google Pay ramp up mobile phone paying services. Stock image.
Apple Pay & Google Pay
Apple Pay & Google Pay ramp up mobile phone paying services. Stock image.

How Apple Pay & Google Pay ramped up the mobile phone paying app industry with an ever increasing selection of friendly services & billing options & how the UK government took notice.

Mobile phones are irreplaceable tools in our daily lives. These small devices have power and capabilities enough to replace most other items and tools from a notebook to a GPS tracker.

Another advantage of smartphones is that they can be used as wallets or bank cards too. They also provide one of the easiest methods of modern payments both online and in real life.

We’re talking about Apple Pay and Google Pay, specifically. They differ from other mobile banking apps or virtual wallets since they can directly tie your phone to your bank card and come in-built on your phone.

What’s more, it was recently announced that there are new ways to use this service. This means that these digital wallets are now better than ever, as they can be applied in even more ways than before.

Ways to Use Apple Pay

It’s not like there were many limits to this type of service’s usability. It has always been accepted in many different places and platforms across various sectors.

For example, you could always use your mobile as a bank card whenever you wanted to:

  • Buy something at e-shops
  • Pay for ordering various services
  • Fund your gaming and gambling accounts
  • Pay your taxes
  • Pay for items in real life

So, as you can see, there’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to this Apple and Google software as it is. From playing UK mobile slots to covering your electricity bills, these tools are really the jacks of all trades.

However, more ways to apply this payment method can now be added to the list still.

This will undoubtedly make them even more popular among various people, including buyers and gamblers online.

New Ways to Use Phone Billing

The UK government has recently added these two payment methods to their services to make them more easily accessible. This includes many kinds of services related to legal issues, travel and work.

The new mobile payment-friendly services include:

  1. Paying Global Entry Fees
  2. Fees for the Registered Traveller Service
  3. Using the Electronic Visa Waiver Service
  4. Fees for basic online disclosure and barring services for workers in certain job types

Seeing the growth in the usage of these new generation payment methods, this was actually an expected update.

Most importantly, various legal procedures necessary for travellers and visitors from non-EU countries will now be easier to complete. That is, as long as you have a respective mobile wallet on your device.

This will eventually result in even wider adoption of these payment apps among people in the UK. Thus, if you aren’t using it yet, chances are there will be more and more reasons to switch to it in the future.

More Upcoming Integrations

That’s not all the news, either. Although the government didn’t announce the details yet, we know something more. It’s been said that even more services will become easier to pay for with Google and Apple Pay.

When all the changes are implemented, it’s possible that these mobile apps will be enough for almost anything. You’ll probably be able to pay for most of the services offered by the government and its institutions.

So, don’t risk by making direct bank card payments in these situations. The mobile payment alternatives will make it much safer, faster and easier too.