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Quick Tips to Prevent Your New Hair Extensions from Slipping

Prevent Your New Hair Extensions from Slipping
Prevent Your New Hair Extensions from Slipping. Stock image.
Prevent Your New Hair Extensions from Slipping
Prevent Your New Hair Extensions from Slipping. Stock image.

Prevent Your New Hair Extensions from Slipping: Keeping attention to type of hair products, process, right products and method can help women look their best. 

The idea of your hair extensions slipping out can be a nightmare, especially when you’ve just had them installed. 

It’s important to note that it’s completely normal for a few hair extension strands to fall out after you’ve installed them. Your extensions are attached to your natural hair and since shedding is a normal part of your hair’s growth cycle, you are going to lose a few extension strands at the same time.

If you do end up pulling a few strands out yourself, just make sure you keep them and your hair stylist will reattach them again.

How to Stop Your Extensions from Slipping after Installation

To extend the life of your hair extensions, here are a few tips that will minimize any slipping.

Use a clarifying shampoo prior to installation

By using a clarifying shampoo before your installation appointment, you will arrive with hair that’s free from product build-up. By making sure your hair’s as clean as possible, you increase the chances of the extensions bonding as effectively as possible. It also makes it easier to install your extensions if you straighten your hair but your stylist can assist you with this if need be. 

Choose the right extensions

Not all types of hair extensions are suitable for all women. Before you go ahead and purchase extensions from an online store such as Jadore Hair Supplies, speak to a professional stylist about what would work best with your specific hair type. For example, tape hair extensions are a better choice for women with fine or thin hair because they’re light.

Opt for copper tubes

If you will be choosing an installation method that requires tubes or rings, rather opt for copper tubes as they tend to clamp flatter and tighter. They also tend to lay flatter against your scalp, ensuring the extensions blend in more seamlessly. 

Be careful when brushing your hair

If you’re new to hair extensions, you should know that you won’t be able to brush your hair in the same way that you used to. Many women will brush their hair quite vigorously without giving it a second thought. When you have hair extensions, you need a gentler approach. Using a soft-bristle brush or a wide-toothed comb is also a far better choice for extensions. Brush your hair in small sections and start at the ends to place the least strain on your extensions.

Use the right products on your hair extensions

To prevent any excess product build-up and prolong the life of your hair extensions, find products that are suitable for extensions. It’s also very important not to apply any conditioners to the bonds of the extensions as this will cause them to slip. If you have naturally oily hair, you may also want to purchase a dry shampoo to keep any greasiness at bay.

Be careful when your hair is wet

When you’re done washing your hair, it will be at its heaviest, so make sure you’re supporting your extensions. Dry your hair as soon as you can after your bath or shower but do so gently. When you do towel or blow-dry your hair, be sure to support your extensions as much as possible.

By following these basic tips, you can enjoy your hair extensions for many months to come. It’s also important to remember that it’s only natural for human fatigue to result in some extensions being looser than others. If any extensions do fall out on their own, they can easily be reattached by your stylist in a matter of minutes.