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5 Lazy Day Activities You Should Be Doing.

Lazy Day Activities
Lazy Day Activities: Games of Thrones Monopoly, anyone?
Lazy Day Activities
Lazy Day Activities: Games of Thrones Monopoly, anyone?

Lazy Day Activities: Fun indoor activities you can be doing for when you are stuck indoors, the weather is bad or when winter finally arrives. 

With winter fast approaching, you’ll need to stock up on lazy day activities before the snow comes. Some people hate being stuck at home, with weather preventing them from enjoying the great outdoors — but you can still be physically and mentally stimulated, even if you need to stay home for a few days (or weeks). 

Before you have to hibernate, make sure you have some ideas and activities to get you through the coldest or rainiest months of the year. Even for just a lazy day, you should always be prepared. Follow this list of creative rainy-day activities to get the most out of your days spent at home. 

    1. Have an Indoor Picnic 

When you can’t picnic on a nice summer day at the beach or in the park, many people don’t think about having a picnic in their own home! Is it a lazy Sunday and you just can’t get it together to leave the house? Set up an area in your home where you and friends, roommates, or family can enjoy a meal together like you’re sharing it outside. And for a bonus, if you don’t want to cook or prepare a meal yourself, you can have one delivered! There’s nothing like pizza max home delivery when you’re feeling like sharing a pie with those you love. 

    2. An Indoor Scavenger Hunt 

Are you and friends stuck in a snowstorm? With only each other and a house full of stuff? One thing you could do is make a list of household items to scavenge for! Whomever gets them all first: wins! 

    3. Games of All Kinds 

There’s no excuse to be bored at home when you’ve got your brain power on your side! If you’re already a board game connoisseur, you probably have plenty of games to play when you’re in the mood for them, but if not, get yourself a deck of cards to be able to play by yourself and with friends and family. Try a board game that most people enjoy and is easy to find, like Pictionary, Charades, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit and of course my favorite, Games of Thrones Monopoly. If you’re interested in alternative card games, try something like Taboo or Cards Against Humanity. You can even start reading tarot if you’re interested in the occult! 

    4. Try Out New Recipes 

What’s more fun than making something new in the kitchen? Well, for some people there probably is something more fun than that, but if you’re interested in new recipes, now’s the time. This is also a good way to have very minimal dinner parties, create new staple dishes, and experiment with creativity. Dust off those cookbooks now! 

    5. Get to Crafting 

Making something new doesn’t have to be food related. Making crafts is a great way to stave off boredom if you have children, but it’s also a great way to add a personal touch around the house. Crafting can either be repurposing old things you’ve found around the house, updating furniture, painting, or making something entirely new.