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How to stay stylish while traveling

staying stylish while traveling
staying stylish while traveling. Image via social media.
staying stylish while traveling
staying stylish while traveling. Image via social media.

Staying stylish while traveling: How to look your best while going abroad. Using the right luggage gear, packing correctly, right minimal outfits, including leather jacket & yoga pants too.

How many times have you heard a person who likes to pay attention to how they look being called excessively self-absorbed and shallow? How many times has it been you at the receiving end of this attack? Have you ever wondered why some critics, newspapers, and maybe even your great aunts and uncles are so keen to put anyone down who always plants effort into planning their outfit?

Let us get rid of the myth: Caring about the way you dress is not being conceited and superfluous

People will often tell us that caring too much about your appearance is superficial and narcissistic behavior. They will say that it is unnecessary and that we are throwing away money that could be used for a better purpose. But if dressing up makes you feel good about yourself, can it really be that bad?

Your OOTD has more implications on your life than you might think

The way you dress allows you to openly express your personality and individuality to other people. It lets you use your creativity to build an identity for yourself. Your personal style is a direct representation of who you are on the inside. But that is not all there is about your dressing – your clothing can even go as far as to influence your mood and the way you act!

Looking your best is always important, but it becomes indispensable when you are in unfamiliar surroundings

One of the times when you need the highest amount of confidence you can amass is when you are traveling – especially if it is just you making the trip. When you are in a completely new place, with nobody you know around you and meet with people and cultures that are very different than what you are used to, it is only natural to be a little overwhelmed. 

You are in un-chartered territory, and that certainly cannot be very comfortable. This is when you will need something that feels familiar to you and helps you ground yourself. Fashion does this job perfectly.

A signature style that you can carry anywhere while also simultaneously looking like a million bucks is a great way to remind yourself of who you are and where you come from. Deciding what to wear every day gives you a sense of control at a time when you do not have much in your hands. Hence, in this way, your clothing allows you to stay on top of your game all the time, no matter where you are in the world.

Looking good while making a trip across the globe can be challenging

But packing for traveling can be a quite challenging and daunting task. As much as you wish, you simply cannot stuff your entire wardrobe into one little suitcase. You need to be smart and fashionably astute to know what pieces you should take and which ones you can leave behind. It is only when you have craftily picked your outfits to match the places you will be visiting that you can look stylish even when living out of a suitcase.

So what exactly can you do to ensure your ootd is on point while globetrotting – by yourself or in a group? What are the globally acclaimed fashion brands that will make you look equally trendy on the beaches of Bali and in the Moroccan desert safari? Read the following paragraphs for some insider tips and tricks to tourist fashion.

Layer it up fashion for travel
Staying stylish while traveling: Layer it up fashion for travel. Image via travelista.
Black leather jacket for travel
Staying Stylish while Traveling: Black leather jacket for travel. Image via leatherskinshop.com

    1. Layer it up to accommodate the trending styles into your outfit

One of the keys to traveling smart is layering it up when it comes to clothes. Because your trips may be taking you from one climate zone (the hot, humid India for example) to an entirely different climate zone (the bone-chilling winters of Canada), it is essential to realize what the weather will be like at your destination. 

That being said, you cannot arrive at the Indian airport for your flight wrapped up in thermal and thick pants – doing that will just make you look like a freak while also making you sweat in your clothes like a pig. The solution? Keep a few layers with you.

Dress in a simple tank top and comfortable denim pants to make up your Indian airport outfit. However, remember to carry a thick jacket and an extra shirt with you on the plane as you board it. As you are about to arrive at your destination, simply put on those additional layers and voila! You are not hit with the bitterly cold wind as soon as you step out of the airport!

Layering your outfits is not only practical, but it is also fashionable. Other than helping you prepare for bad weather, wearing thin layers instead of a couple of bulky pieces allow you to accommodate more into your outfit of the day, amping up your look. For example, when you are roaming the streets in New York leather jacket is an absolute essential for a look that is chic and urban.

Staying stylish while traveling:
Staying stylish while traveling:: Pictured, Sling Backpack, Maleden Water Resistant Outdoor Shoulder Chest Pack Unbalance Crossbody Bag For Women Men Girls.

    2. Go wild with the animal print, round cross body bags

There is one thing that all the tourists in 2019 have in common. Yes, we are talking about the crossbody bags. They are flashy, they are loud, and they are here to stay. But what we love most about this 2019 trend is the extent of convenience they extend to you! We simply cannot plan a trip without at least one of these bad boys in our suitcase – or better yet, across our body!

Whether it is a road trip or a long flight, traveling can leave you super tired and worn down. This means that you will be arriving at your destination with a messy hairstyle, swollen eyes, rumpled clothes, and makeup that is either smeared all over your face or has completely vanished altogether. This homeless look is not the airport chic that you would want to go for, would you?

The easy solution is to freshen up when the stewardess announces you are about to reach your destination. This is where these cross body bags come in. Being easily reachable and very undemanding to carry, these tiny bags can hold everything you need to make yourself look presentable again. 

From a tinted lip balm to a small bottle of perfume (more on traveling makeup looks in the next point) – and even a little snack or two – these cross body bags will be your best friend in all your travels.

The extra upside – you will also look super sharp with a statement animal print, round cross-body bag slung across your body.

Cosmetics Guide for Travel
Staying stylish while traveling: Essential cosmetics Guide for travel . Image via social media.

    3. Be super selective with your makeup products

When you are a makeup enthusiast, telling yourself to go for a minimal look can be extra hard. You just want to give yourself the most glamorous look with glittery eye shadow every day you can! However, when you are going to be traveling, it is better to save the glitz and the pizzaz for another night.

Even if you like a heavy makeup look on regular days, handling makeup during a long journey can be super challenging. Nobody wants to go to sleep on a plane and wake up looking like the bloodthirsty clown from IT. So if you’re going to avoid that nightmare, you also might want to keep away from layers and layers of foundation.

However, this also does not mean that you will have to give up makeup altogether. Using a few products (if you want to) can still add to your ultimate look. What you need in your traveling makeup pouch is an excellent moisturizer, a bottle of sunscreen, a tube of bb or cc cream for light coverage, tinted lip balm, an eyeliner, and a mascara. Using these few products, you can give yourself various minimalistic looks in just a couple of minutes that do not melt away as you explore through the hot streets of Mexico.

Comfortable clothes and shoes for traveling light
Staying stylish while traveling: Comfortable clothes and shoes for traveling light. Image via scallywagandvagabond.com

    4. Ditch your sexy stilettos for shoes that are as comfortable as they are fashionable

We love heels just as much as any other girly girl on the planet, but when it comes to traveling – we would rather wear some stylish chunky trainers than a pair of lovely sky-high black stilettos.

When it comes to transit and exploring a new place, it is better to wear some shoes that are comfortable than the shoes that are the sexiest. Aching feet is something no tourist would ever want. Wearing heels and wedges is simply not sensible!

Since shoes are really bulky and can take up a lot of space in your luggage, tourists are advised to only keep a couple of pairs in their suitcase. Choose different designs that can go with several outfits, instead of matching one outfit to one pair of sandals. Our recommendation is to take three pairs at the most.

The style of these pair of shoes depend on where you are going and what weather you will be facing there. If you are going someplace warm and sunny, we advise you to wear some trendy Nike sneakers to the airport. With this, pack two pairs of footwear in luggage – one sassy wedge for exciting nights out, and one pair of stylish yet supportive sandals that you can wear while visiting the biggest attractions in the area. If you are planning to hit the beaches, throw in a pair of good flip flops as well.

If your destination has a colder climate, then too, we recommend wearing a pair of chunky trainers or sneakers to the airport. However, replace the sandals and flip flops with warm booties that keep your toes covered at all times.

yoga pants for traveling
Staying stylish while traveling: Hidden pockets inside traveling yoga pants. Stock image.

    5. Making your butt look great is not the only thing yoga pants are meant for

Yoga pants are a hit with every girl on the planet. We love what it does to our butt and immediately spikes up our confidence. Wearing yoga pants motivates many to work out, get up off the couch, and go for a run. What’s not to love about this great apparel the athleisure fashion gods have granted us?

These super trendy leggings are the perfect thing to wear when you are boarding a long flight. The reason? The unmatchable level of comfort they offer.

When you are going to be sitting in a cramped up space for years on end, you would not want to be wearing jeans that leave imprints on your waist. Instead, you would want some easy to wear, breathable pants that are comfortable enough to sleep in. Yoga pants fulfill those criteria in the best way possible.

On top of being extraordinarily comfy and casual, they are also exceptionally flattering no matter what you pair these with. They can be dressed up or down, and can be accommodated in night and day looks equally well. All of this makes yoga pants an essential basic that you should take with yourself on every trip.

    6. Look up some tutorials on YouTube on how to pack like a pro

Last but not least, remember that your packing skills can make a world of difference to the tourist looks that you can manage to pull off. When you are traveling, you only have a limited number of options you can pick from, and mix and match to make up different outfits. But if you can pack luggage like a pro, your entire fashion game just goes up to a different level.

When you know how to pack expertly and save space, you will be able to carry a more significant number of clothing items with you. Even one extra piece expands your range to style multiple outfits by a large margin, and with more freedom to pick out the essential, you are guaranteed to look fresh throughout your travels.

    7. Packing cubes for organizing travel

Packing cubes are packing organizers that can help you pack more efficiently for your next trip. They come in all shapes and sizes – from medium cubes to shoe bags or laundry bags to separate clean and dirty clothes, but which packing cubes are the best for travel?

The final word

Are you a frequent flier who likes to make a fashion statement wherever you go? Do you like our list of how to look trendy when making a trip? Is there something that we have missed? Comment down below and add your wisdom to our guide on being an absolute trendsetter even when you have limited resources.