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How to Use Yoga to Accomplish your New Resolutions.

How to Use Yoga to Accomplish your New Resolutions.
How to Use Yoga to Accomplish your New Resolutions.

Using Yoga to Accomplish New Resolutions: Committing to a new improved you requires follow through and actualization, internally & externally & the methods to get there.

Humans want to improve on themselves regularly. Self-improvement isn’t alien to us because it makes us better persons; a better version of who we used to be. Resolutions come in as a process of self-promise that fosters into determination but which often isn’t realized.

A deeper insight into the definition of the word resolution, one couldn’t help but see other words such as ‘resolve’, ‘loosen’, ‘release’ and even ‘untie’ as closely related. This is because the world resolution means and requires a process of total submission and surrender towards a particular goal which must be realized.

What sustains resolution is willpower or the sheer willingness to not remain on a spot. However, nothing beats yoga in the aspect of helping you not to stay in a spot because the real yoga is one of the best ways of escaping the chain of reincarnation.

Practicing Yoga for More Lasting Resolutions

Bringing resolutions to eventual reality requires willingness and willpower which people don’t always have. However, yoga with its strong connection to ancient Indian roots and practices has a series of formulas that help in healing the physical body by helping to create flexibility and strength needed to move smoothly through life.

Yoga meditation helps in healing you mentally so as to help you connect with your inner self to birth the positivity you need in gearing towards self-improvement. However, using yoga for this purpose has more to do with practicing yoga other than reading about it.

However, in adopting the practice of Yoga in realizing a set of goals, you might want to consider swapping your resolution rituals for a Sankalpa.

Yoga as a form of strength training and re alignment of a new self.
Immersing in Sankalpa Yoga.

What is a Sankalpa?

San-Kalpa is derived from two words San and Kalpa. San simply means ‘born from the heart’ while Kalpa means ‘unfolding over time’. The two words joined together would birth a deeper meaning which is ‘to resolve’. Nothing best help you to realize a set of goals than reframing your standard resolutions which are often followed by lack of willpower to be a reoccurring practice Sankalpa.

Resolutions are often wishes than an authentic intention and that is why they lack willpower. However, an authentic intention which is often the type of intention that comes directly from the mind is often best realized by practicing Sankalpa.

Sankalpa originates from the heart, it helps you to understand what life really wants through you. However, to help you reach the level of Sankalpa that is life transforming requires a deeper level of meditation which of course is not difficult. Below are the steps that may be required of you during your yoga meditation.

  1. Iswaraprandaya (surrender)

Iswaraprandaya requires you to sit or lie in a very comfortable position in order to get deep access into your body and mind through relaxation because it is when you are deeply relaxed through mediation that you become sensitive to those feeling within your body and mind that best expresses your utmost desire in life. By surrendering, you meditate towards the quiet place of your mind where you can get to rest in the hands of the bigger self. As soon as you are deep within your mind, always try to embrace those sensitive feelings that express what you most desire.

  1. Atmavichar (Inquire)

This step is the step of transformation where utmost desire is transformed into a well-articulated intention. It is a step that involves you asking yourself the questions that would help you reveal the next line of actions.

  1. Tapas (commit)

This is the step where the willpower is cultivated. Tapas is, however, best formed through good habit building since habit has been said to be the architecture of daily life. Building commitment that would boost willpower through habit building requires we adopting one good medium at a time towards stepping our goals into realities. This might take time but eventually and with the right habits, commitment is formed.

  1. Abhyasa (Persevere)

Even good plans sometimes have their own setbacks and without mastering the art of perseverance, there may not be any realized goals at all. There is a need to meditate out all obstructing intentions and learn from them through perseverance because it is only by this that you stay focused and not discouraged. This process is very tricky and sometimes it may require we start all over again. However, don’t be shy of setbacks or starting over again. It is but part of the process.

  1. Darshan (Envision)

This process involves visualizing what the future may be and the blockades it may contain so as to plan ahead of it. This step gives you the chance to see more than the present so as to build more willpower to sustain you to the finish line.

Yoga a great self empowerment tool for all walks of life and all stages of life as well…