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7 Ways to Make Your Anarkali Look Splendid On You

Anarkali Look
Pictured, Anarkali Look. Image via Rediff.
Anarkali Look
Pictured, Anarkali Look. Image via Rediff.

Making Anarkali Dress Look Splendid On You: What wearers need to get right and figure out when putting together a traditional Indian dress. 

Looking good in an Anarkali is not only about the dress and dupatta choice but the overall top to toe look. Increasingly the ritual dress has become the ‘to-go ethnic dress’ for ceremonies and events and continues to evolve as the dress begins to seep other aspects of wider culture and influence. 

Here are some ways to make your Anarkali look work irrespective of what social setting you may find yourself at. 

     1. Get the ideal Anarkali length

Shopping ethnic wear online in India one can finesse the ideal length of the Anarkali that favors your height. Taller women are advised to avoid calf length and similarly shorter women are advised against gowns that go past their toes, with necessary depending on your height. There is an option of knee-length, calf-length, and floor-grazing length but consider how long is too long for you. 

Anarkali length
Choose for the right length for the Anarkali Dress.

      2. Choose the right shoe

The type of shoe you wear with your Anarkali is an important fashion accessory. This ensures your look is complete and adds the right balance to your overall appearance. Strappy heels, stilettos, wedges are some of the shoes that give you a good posture with an Anarkali. By giving you some height and upright balance for the voluminous silhouette. A pair of jootis still works for they offer comfort and are a pair of simple closed flats to wearing ballerinas. Ballerinas kill the look of the whole outfit and are an odd pairing with the elegant Anarkali. Thus, avoid them at all costs.

Dress shoe for Indian dress
The right shoe for the Anarkali dress.

       3. Check for details in the accessories

Two accessories should never miss when dressing to the Anarkali: embellished earrings and the dupatta. This adds the extra touch of detail to the Anarkali and gives your look a splendid finish.

As for the earrings, choose the bold and dramatic earrings that have a shiny effect. Avoid studs and other ordinary earrings that are not long enough. The right earrings not only shine through your ensemble but add the spark to your face as well. A pretty pair of jhumkas or danglers will not disappoint at all. Choose a dupatta that is not too long or too short. One when draped over your shoulder is at least at the calves is the right fit. 

        4. Balance the color and embellishments

The Anarkali that you choose should have a balance of the right aesthetic appeal and overall look. Many women make the mistake of opting for the color matchy-matchy concept. This will give your Anarkali a garish look attracting the wrong attention.

Also avoid going overboard with embroidery and embellishments. Although the bling factor is a total plus for Indian wear if there is no balance it will mess up the glam factor. In this case, contrast your look with mixing up different hues of the same color. While for the embellishments, if you are going for an embroidered bodice, maintain it that way. 

         5. Check the inside

The beauty of the Anarkali starts from the inside. Skipping the inner details will cost you for they will show on the outside. As an example wearing the wrong bra which gives the wrong support or is too tight will give you a weird silhouette.

An ill-fitting bra is uncomfortable and restricts movement with your Anarkali. Also, get the lining fitted perfectly, well ironed and at the correct length. Especially, the Anarkali with nets you must check their inner lining to ensure the Anarkali outwardly has the splendid look you aim for. Most importantly, ensure the fabric used for the lining is comfortable enough to spend a whole day in the Anarkali.

Indian traditional dress suit
Anarkali balance of colors

          6. Consider the number of Kalis

The number of Kalis on your Anarkali depends on your chest measurements. If you are getting your Anarkali tailored, the tailor should know how many Kalis are needed at the front and back according to your measurement. When stitched correctly this gives your Anarkali the right fit and form. The trick of having the Kalis perfect for your dress is to ensure that they are not pleated or stitched too close to each other.

Although the Anarkali is perfect for everyone depending on your body type. The Kalis are stitched to give you a perfect silhouette that blends well with your shape. Since too many of them overwhelm your body frame and too little just mess the whole look. Needless to say, always try your Anarkali before buying it. 

           7. Consider the position of the waist

This is where the Kalis start and correspond to the position of the belt. When your waist does not cinch at the right spot the flow of the dress will look out of place. Getting the right uniform look and position of the belt will require an assessment of one’s height, body frame and assets.

Those with a broader frame are best advised to position the waist by starting the Kalis as a lower position. Similarly, for the tall women, the position of the belt is better when it is beneath your chest. Once you know how to work around the Kalis for the waist position, one is then able to get the right Anarkali look best tailored for you.

Indian traditional dress suit
Ideal placement of Anarkali waist belt.