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5 Most Popular Tools For Students In 2109

Student Study Tools apps
Student Study Tools apps becoming indispensable. Stock image.
Student Study Tools apps
Student Study Tools & apps becoming indispensable. Stock image.

Students can help themselves and make their lives much easier. There are plenty of tools to aid them with their studies. Read on to know more.

Academia is not as straightforward and manageable as it once was. Today, the stakes are much higher. Competition is steadfast in every category. Even though all the following factors result in brilliant as well as successful students, who challenge boundaries and limits, the pressure may come with certain drawbacks. What once was just school is now a rat race to be enrolled in the best university and then to get employed at the best firms. 

This entails in a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression. Studies show that students suffer from all three. Hence, to drop some load off your back, it’s always a good idea to get some help. Getting aid from your friends and family is always advised, but if you want to indulge in something curated specifically for your needs, different tools for students have got your back.

Tools to help you out

With the advancement of technology, we are lucky to have access to the websites that will cater to your specific needs. These will help you with papers as well as other assignments and will provide you with the ideas on how to make everything better then you intended. Following are five tools you should definitely use in order to work more effectively and achieve better results as well as grades.

#1: 123helpme.com

123helpme.com is a website that provides a variety of writing tools in order to make your life a bit easier. This company delivers papers based on specific topics. They include speeches, research papers, term papers, dissertations, case studies, etc. All you need to do is to type in a particular keyword in the search bar, and you will be presented with several search results. 

123helpme is one of the most renowned academic writing companies that has been known to help a large number of students. If you are questioning – is 123help me legit, you don’t need to because we vouch for them based on real-life experiences and previous clients’ feedbacks. When you are continually writing papers, it is okay to run out of the ideas, which is precisely when a website like 123helpme can come to your rescue having the best experts to asssit you with your assignment.

Student Study Tools
Student Study Tools: Meditation apps are now becoming highly sought after and utilized. Image via social media.

#2: Meditation apps 

Being stressed out at such a young age can cause a lot of health problems. Hence, practicing and investing time in the methods that will lower your levels of stress and anxiety is a must. Meditation has proven to do wonders to a human body and practicing it at a young age can really help one to engage with his or her thoughts. Doing so allows people to understand the problems and find solutions quicker. 

Having this ability as a young adult can encourage huge amounts of progress in their academic studies. Meditation isn’t as difficult as it seems to be and can be done as a calming exercise. To start with it, you can always opt for apps such as Headspace and Calm. These have changed multiple students’ lives with regards to stress management, anxiousness, and problem-solving. Having an opportunity to really understand your thoughts instead of stressing out about everything that happens in your mind can change lives.

Student Study Tools
Student Study Tools: Grammarly, Free Writing Assistant is a welcome addition.

#3: Grammarly and Hemmingway software 

Proofreading can be excessively time-consuming. Sometimes you take so much time writing your paper that having to go through it again seems impossible within the time limit provided. This is when the Grammarly app comes in handy. This is a spell and grammar checker as well as a plagiarism detector. Grammarly makes your matter so much more professional and grammatically correct. The best part about it is that it’s available via a browser extension for Firefox, Safari, and chrome. This app is proved extremely useful not only for students but for anyone who needs to type anything at all. 

Hemmingway is another software tool, which is extremely useful for those who want to write better papers. What it does is highlighting writing errors in different colors and making corrections much more simple. For example, complex sentences are highlighted in yellow, words in purple are for simple alternative words, phrases marked in green are to indicate passive voices, etc. These two apps together can uplift the quality and content of any paper you write.

Plagiarism Tools
Student Study Tools: Plagiarism checker. Stock image.

#4: Plagiarism checkers

The work that students submit for grading must be original and should show their efforts and research capabilities properly. Plagiarism in the content brings out a negative impression about the writer of the assignment, at the same time, resulting in lower grades. Moreover, students working on the papers often do extensive research, paraphrasing specific technical terms. These paraphrased words, sentences, and phrases might show up as plagiarized, which is something that needs to be avoided. The solution to this is to make use of a plagiarism checker.

Plagiarism checking tools are perfect to overcome this issue. They detect the copied parts from different sources. These can then be modified accordingly to deliver the work that is original and that satisfies the required uniqueness level set by the professor.

#5: Headline Analyzer 

Headlines are the single most impactful way to make a positive first impression. Hence, having well-written titles and sub-titles is vital. Headline analyzers will help you show the overall rate and quality of your title. In addition, it will also provide an overlook of how catchy or significant your headline is to the material you have written. 

All these tools together can do a great deal for any student when it comes to working on their homework. One will be provided with a helping hand to put him/her on top of the game. It is true that students face challenges. However, these can be overcome by using some tools, which are developed to aid them and simplify their work. So why don’t you make your life easier right now?