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Checklist of necessary equipment for beginner film makers & funding

film maker equipment
Film maker equipment that cinema makers are funding.
film maker equipment
Film maker equipment that cinema makers are funding. Image via social media.

From financing your budding film project, to acquiring necessary film maker equipment- the challenges of stellar cinema making in the modern age.

So you’re ready to to make your mark in the cinematic world, just graduated from film school and are looking to start turning those screenplays into award winning films. But where to begin? What equipment should you be looking to acquire or rent as you set about your film-maker journey?

     * A 50mm lens:

Considered the ‘default lens,’ a 50mm is a great first lens because it captures images that look similar to what you see with your eyes. They’re also not too expensive according to one film school guide.

     *A tripod:

For the most basic camera stabilization, tripods get it done. Don’t worry too much about which head to get, because you can most likely switch it out for something better later on. Just make sure it’s sturdy.

     *An external mic:

If you’re going to invest in a quality then be prepared to also invest in a quality external mic. A broad selection at budget prices can be had via Amazon.

    * Lights:

Filming is made or broken with good or poor quality lighting- and while this is a no brainer- the budding filmmaker may overlook how important setting up the right lighting and contrasts is necessary. One or two inexpensive LED units will get the job done and are an adjunct to what engineers look for in precision quality liquid and air filtration as supplied by http://filtervac.com/

    * Modifiers & Funding Your Film Project: 

The great thing about light modifiers is that they’re not very expensive. Diffusion material and bead-board, especially if it has a black side, can be purchased at any craft or hardware store for cheap- which ought to put a smile on strapped filmmakers who these days are using crowdfunding source sites to fund their projects along with the occasional Hollywood studio or independent backer. 

Go to funding sites include GoFundMe, IindieGoGo and Kickstarter never mind a new generation of filmmakers who are also using social media to turn their dreams into reality and jump start careers.

     * Drone camera:

Another instrument in a filmmaker’s arsenal is the drone camera which will allow them to capture bird’s eye views and expansive views. There are a lot of choices in the market place, but one drone camera which recently got a good write up is the The Mavic 2 Pro which takes its design cues from the original Mavic Pro, and is supplied by industry staple, omniviewtech.ca.

The camera which is portable and fits nicely in a camera bag measures 3.3 by 3.6 by 8.4 inches (HWD) folded and 3.3 by 9.5 by 12.7 inches with it arms extended. The aircraft weighs about 2 pounds. Unlike its predecessor the Mavic 2 Pro comes with a larger surface area allowing for more image resolution (20MP), and higher-quality video.

A lot of the things on this list can either be made with inexpensive items or with stuff you have lying around the house and still get you decent results. Almost anything with wheels can be turned into a dolly. White sheets, white shower curtains, or white T-shirts make for great diffusers too. Imagination and versatility are key- after all you’re relying on your dreams to get you noticed.

Having said that, as a beginner filmmaker- it’s never the equipment that makes or breaks you making quality films – but it certainly goes a long way – along with your ability to convince potential investors to invest in you –  it’s the act of filmmaking and your vision of the human experience that explores the human condition and connects audience members to your vision.