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The 8 Smartest Characters of Film

8 Smartest Characters of Film
8 Smartest Characters of Film: Who could ever forget Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker
8 Smartest Characters of Film
8 Smartest Characters of Film: Hannibal – Hannibal Lecter as played by Anthony Hopkins showed the inner workings of a psychotic, but with intellect.

The 8 Smartest Characters of Film: What are some of the most memorable silver screen high iq characters captivating movie goers?

The world of fiction has many beautiful, smart and amazing people – some even have super powers. However, who are the smartest characters in the films we love? Well, here are some of the highest IQs on the silver screen.

Iron Man – Tony Stark

Iron Man is Marvel Universe character which was brought to life recently with a series of amazing movies. Played by Robert Downey Jr., Tony Stark is a billionaire who became a superhero going by the name of Iron Man. Not only Tony is one of the sharpest minds around, he has also managed to create himself a powerful, nearly invincible armor so he can fight forces that threaten the World.

8 Smartest Characters of Film
8 Smartest Characters of Film: A beautiful mind as played by Russell Crowe told the story of a brilliant math professor struggling with mental illness.

A Beautiful Mind – Josh Nash

Based on the life of John Nash, a Nobel laureate, A Beautiful mind tells the story of a genius mathematician looking to publish the right sort of paper – as he refuses to publish something unworthy of his genius. The movie is based on biographical accounts of John Nash’s life, and his character is played by Russell Crowe, who does an excellent job playing him.

Of course, it all becomes much more complicated once Nash is diagnosed with Schizophrenia. His wife, who is played by Jennifer Connelly, battles through her husband’s unstable condition as he neglects to take medication and meets up with the too familiar characters in his troubled mind.

8 Smartest Characters of Film
8 Smartest Characters of Film: Who could ever forget Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in the Dark Knight. A bad guy we actually liked.

The Dark Knight – The Joker

While Cesar Romero’s version of The Joker was very cackle-y and entertaining, it can be said that it was very smart. Ledger’s, however, has shown to be many steps ahead of the Gotham Police Department as well as the world’s greatest detective. Even after they set an incredibly intricate, identity-swapping, death-faking plan to capture him, he learns all about it and uses it to wreak havoc in jail.

Ultimately, he does end up getting caught by Batman, but he remains cool about it, as if going to the insane asylum is fine since there wasn’t going to be anything interesting on TV later. He’s incredibly intelligent, and consistent in his nihilistic behavior – a lot more than you can say about villains who give up on their philosophies once they lose.

Eddie Mora – Limitless

Unlike many of the others featured on this list, Eddie Mora’s amazing brain power isn’t a natural gift, it’s in fact provided by an experimental, fictional drug entitled NZT-48. Mora goes from facing unemployment and a loveless lift to finding fortune and fame.

8 Smartest Characters of Film
8 Smartest Characters of Film: And then there was Good Will Hunting, Will Hunting which saw inspiring drama and intelligence from Matt Damon and the great Robin Williams.

Good Will Hunting – Will Hunting

This is among my favorite movies to this day. A fantastic portrayal of a boy who is troubled by his very own genius. Despite the fact that he has learned a lot from his books, Will hasn’t truly experienced much of it himself as a young, inexperienced boy. Keeping a certain distance from people around him, he doesn’t allow his personal relationships to grow deep, and the movie truly does an excellent job at depicting this idea. It’s very curious that he has a Boston accent too – a nice twist, since he’s a genius but doesn’t speak in jargon or a posh manner. ‘How d’you like them apples?’

Hannibal – Hannibal Lecter

Lecter is so smart that he can figure out anyone in like, 30 seconds. Of course, he likes to eat people and everything, but come on. You can’t argue that Hannibal isn’t extremely smart and understand people with striking precision – he could have you weeping in minutes, just like he did to Clarice Starling.

Finding Forrester – William Forrester

A writer who’s hiding away from the world meets a boy that makes him come out of his shell. Sean Connery plays William Forrester in this drama movie from year 2000. Rob Brown plays the boy in the movie, doing his best to cope up to the new world he faces in that private school. Overlooked by teachers, he ends up finding Forrester, who quickly recognizes his writing ability and helps him build the courage and confidence he needs to take on the world.

Rain Man – Raymond

Dusting Hoffman plays the Rain Man in this movie which also stars Tom Cruise as Charlie, his younger brother. The two men share a father who left the majority of his inheritance to his autistic eldest son Raymond. Before the inheritance question was put before Charlie, he didn’t even know about his brother. They are both forced to spend time together, and Charlie learns that, despite his condition, Raymond is a mathematical genius who doesn’t forget a single number that he’s seen – he has an amazing memory, but not much understanding of the world and how to interact with it.

8 Smartest Characters of Film
8 Smartest Characters of Film: And then there was Raymond, struggling with autism but dazzling us as well, as played by Dustin Hoffman.