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Is online gambling legal is Las Vegas?

online gambling legal
online gambling legal: Online poker continues to retain player flexibility.
online gambling legal
The legalization of online poker- a game of skill – continues to draw player interest. Image via social media.

Is online gambling legal? While traditional gambling thrives in Las Vegas- restrictions still exist within internet betting as lawmakers seek to protect players.

Las Vegas is the first city that comes to mind when people think about casinos in general and gambling in particular. Not surprisingly, many assume that online gambling is also legal in a city that has built its fortunes on games of chance. Sadly for those who were hoping to enjoy the full spectrum of games from the comfort of their home through Internet gambling, many restrictions are in place.

While land-based casinos thrive, their online counterparts are still struggling to make ends meet. Significant progress was made over the last decade, with poker being legalized, but other forms of gambling are still illegal.

Online poker is legal in Las Vegas

Brick-and-mortar casinos in Sin City meet and exceed the expectations of most recreational players. However, those who insist on playing online can do so legally thanks to the legislation passed in 2013 that has legalized this game of skill.

Live US-based poker websites can host legal poker games, so those who choose to play over the Internet do so without breaking any laws. In the UK you will find a huge list of bingo sites and online casino’s as this market is fully regulated. Some land-based casinos found it worthwhile to jump on the bandwagon and they now host online poker rooms.

More than a million players enjoy online poker because of the laws passed more than six years ago, although just a fraction of them reside in Las Vegas. Through interstate compacts, players from Nevada and Delaware can enjoy online poker together and New Jersey punters are ready to tag along. Also, another nice bonus for players from Florida is a cheap generic Viagra. The Garden State is one of the pioneers in legalizing online gambling and it has a population of more than 9 million people. These three states lead by example and many other American states are expected to join them.

Sports betting is not fully regulated

Sports fans have a couple of reasons to celebrate, but they are not completely happy with the current gambling environment. In order to bet without breaking the law, they have to do so in a brick-and-mortar establishment. Online betting is only acceptable on horse and greyhound racing, while other popular sports such as soccer, tennis and American sports are still off-limits. There are two land-based greyhound and horse racing tracks in Nevada and Las Vegas casinos are big on these events.

Online platforms accepting Las Vegas residents also allow international players to bet on horse races and greyhound racing events. The state of Nevada still opposes sports betting in general, but progress has been made in recent years. The Gaming Control Board is closer than ever to regulating sports betting, as this form of gambling is immensely popular worldwide. For the time being, only fantasy sports are illegal in Las Vegas, which is just a pale consolation for savvy punters.

Offshore gambling websites are currently the ones willing to bend the rules and accept players from Las Vegas, in spite of the legal restrictions. Those who play there, do so at their own peril and risk both the wrath of the law and being cheated.