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Feng Shui: Hong Kong Does It Best

Feng Shui in Hong Kong
Feng Shui in Hong Kong- aerial view of one of China's most carefully planned out city. Image via Pexels.
Feng Shui Hong Kong
Feng Shui Hong Kong- aerial view of one of China’s most carefully planned out city. Image via Pexels.

Feng Shui in Hong Kong: Creating harmony in city environments incorporating nature, cultural legacy and practical day to day living for aesthetic pleasing results. 

Feng Shui is a truly fascinating Chinese philosophical system, which is centered on creating harmony between human existence and the surrounding environment. Examples of Feng Shui can be traced as far back as 4000 BC and it is a practice that is still very much used today. In this post we will take a look at some examples of Feng Shui practices in Hong Kong specifically. So, let’s dig deeper into four of the best Feng Shui techniques found for some inspiration…

Exchange Square

At the Exchange Square you will find Hong Kong’s Hang Seng stock market. Here you will discover one of the most impressive Feng Shui landscape techniques. This is a water wall. It is believed that water walls generate a force that is conducive to attracting wealth. Thus it is of no surprise that the Hong Kong’s Hang Seng stock market selected this element to incorporate.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Perhaps one of the most notable examples of Feng Shui in Hong Kong is when it comes to Hong Kong Disneyland. Even this world-renowned brand has acknowledged Feng Shui as a pivotal part of Chinese culture. Wing Chao, the master planner of design and architecture at Walt Disney Imagineering, suggested various ways of incorporating local culture into Disneyland. One of the ways of doing this was by shifting the main gate to the theme park by twelve degrees.

HSBC Headquarters

Another excellent example of Feng Shui can be found in downtown Hong Kong at the HSBC Headquarters. You will discover several examples of Feng Shui here. This begins when you enter the building and you witness a couple of lion statues that guard the entry. These are believed to guard the wealth of the building.

In addition to this, you have the escalators, which begin from the northwest corner of the building. This point is thought to be the provider of the strongest energy and thus the escalators are used to create energy for prosperity. Last but not least, the building contains a vast open space and provides unrestricted sights of Victoria Harbour. Open spaces are being increasingly used by residential architects. This is a practice of Feng Shui, as it is said to eradicate any obstacles for business opportunities.

Bank of China

Last but not least, we have the new Bank of China, which is situated near the HSBC Headquarters, on the route to Admiralty. Here you will find a beautiful Feng Shui arrangement consisting of special rock arrangements, a moat and water flowing around it. Previously, you would have witnessed large gold fish in the moat, which is linked to good fortune. 

So there you have it, an insight into the use of Feng Shui in Hong Kong. It is remarkable to see how even world famous names, such as Disney and HSBC, have embraced this fascinating concept.