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Cheap Ways To Add Value To Your Car

Add Value To Your Car
Cheap Ways to Add Value To Your Car: A few ideas. Image Source. Licensed under Creative Commons.
Add Value To Your Car
Cheap Ways to Add Value To Your Car: A few ideas. Image Source. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Inexpensive Ways To Add Value To Your Car which can help boost its value. How minor adjustments can often beat major work at a fraction of the cost. 

Thinking of selling your car? Before you put it on the market, it could be worth making some minor modifications to your car to help boost its value. Getting major work done will add value, but you’re unlikely to make much profit. Here are just a few cheap improvements that could be more worthy investments.

Wax and polish

Cleaning a car can sometimes be enough to add value, but waxing and polishing the bodywork is certain to make your car worth more. You can pay someone to do this for you or you can attempt it yourself. It’s important to do your research and use the right wax and polish for your bodywork – the wrong product could cause damage if you’re not careful.

Change the headlight bulbs

Headlight bulbs can dim over time without us realising. New bulbs will make your headlights look brighter and make the car feel newer – this could be enough to increase the value. Changing headlight bulbs can be an easy DIY job (this will save you hiring a mechanic). You can find guides on how to change headlight bulbs online. Make sure to clean the inside and outside of your headlight lenses too.

Replace interior mats

Worn floor mats could bring down the appearance of your interior and affect the value. It costs very little to buy new floor mats. On top of floor mats, you may be able to consider upgrading other interior details such as buying seat covers to hide scuffed seats or replacing worn rubber sealing around doors. Many of these interior improvements may be things you can do yourself. Replacing steer wheels, pedals and gearsticks is a bit more complicated and could be a job better suited to a mechanic. 

Get a personalised number plate

Personalised number plates can make a car feel rarer and it can disguise the age of a car – in some cases, it can push up the value. You can buy registration plates online at various specialist sites. Contrary to popular belief, not all registration plates are expensive to buy and some can be very cheap. 

Add an air freshener

Recapturing that new car smell could also increase the value of your car. People are likely to be put off by a car that smells funny. A decent air freshener could be enough to mask these smells. Alternatively, you may be able to give your interior a thorough clean to get out tough smells left by old spillages and dirt.