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Social media star boyfriend snapped after seeing Bianca Devins kiss new man at concert

Brandon Davies girlfriend Bianca Devins
Pictured, suspected killer, Brandon Clark and the man's girlfriend Bianca Devins. Image via Instagram.
Brandon Davies girlfriend Bianca Devins
Pictured, suspected killer, Brandon Clark and the man’s girlfriend Bianca Devins. Image via Instagram.

Social media star boyfriend Brandon Clark snapped after seeing girlfriend, Bianca Devins kiss new man at concert- clues on Discord account reveal. 

A 21 year old upstate NY man is thought to have murdered his 17-year-old social media star girlfriend in a jealous rampage after she kissed another man while attending a concert in Queens on Saturday night, officials said. 

Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara on Tuesday revealed the possible motive for why Brandon Clark, 21, allegedly slit Bianca Devins‘ throat and posted photos of her body on Instagram.

‘The belief is that she kissed somebody at the concert and that’s what upset him,’ McNamara said, according to WKTV.

‘I have a very hard time understanding how anybody can justify taking another young person’s life because they kissed somebody else,’ he added.

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Bianca Devins Discord
Bianca Devins Discord posts

A message sent by Devins shortly before she was murdered may have revealed Clark’s jealousy.

She wrote on gamer chat site Discord, where the pair first met two months ago, that she had kissed a man and held hands with him at a concert – but her ‘friend’, thought to be Clark, caught them and was ‘mad’.

She posted the message in a chat at 5.47am on Sunday and by 7am, when police in Utica, New York, were called, Devins was dead.  

The messages sent on Discord, a service that allows gamers to communicate with each other via video, audio or text, reveal she had grown closer to the other man throughout the evening. 

She told her friend the evening was going well, saying: ‘Hahaha. No he’s perfect. I’m in love.’ 

She then wrote: ‘We held hands my friend isnso [sic] mad. He saw us kiss. I kissed him twice.’    

Bianca Devins Discord: ‘He saw us kiss. I kissed him twice. I think he’s mad.’

Utica Police Lieutenant Bryan Coromato said they received a call on Sunday morning that led them to the crime scene. 

‘We got a call from one of the parents that was concerned about some things that were occurring in the relationship at this point,’ he said. 

Bianca’s sister nixed rumors that the pair had only just met and that Clark was simply an ‘internet boyfriend’.

She wrote on Instagram ‘it wasn’t just an ‘internet boyfriend’ this was a close family friend whom we’ve met and trusted so much. I do not want false information spread around.’   

Clark has been charged with second-degree murder. 

Brandon Clark and Bianca Devins
Pictured, Brandon Clark and Bianca Devins

Social media star jealous boyfriend: ‘I’m sorry Bianca’ 

On Saturday, Devins and Clark had gone to a Nicole Dollenganger concert- with Clark driving them back to Utica at around 10pm. 

He then allegedly snapped and slit his girlfriend’s throat. 

Clark posted a photo of her body with the caption ‘I’m sorry Bianca’ to Instagram, which has been criticized for failing to remove it for almost a day. 

He also allegedly posted a photo on a server on Discord, with the caption, ‘Sorry fxckers, you’re gonna have to find someone else to orbit.’

Orbit is an internet slang term for stalking a woman’s social media profile who you are sexually interested in. 

After photos of her body emerged online, numerous people called 911 to report it. Police were already trying to find the pair when he called himself.  

Police arrived at the scene on Sunday morning to find Clark lying on the ground beside a black SUV. 

When the officer approached, he began to stab himself in the neck with a knife. 

The officer requested emergency medical care as Clark then laid himself across a green tarp that was on the ground. 

He was subsequently taken to hospital for emergency surgery, with his injuries described as ‘severe’ but not life-threatening.  

He was charged with second-degree murder Monday night and faces 25 years in prison if convicted.

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Bianca was known online as an ‘e-girl’ and had built up a small following across her two Instagram accounts, @escty and @beegtfo

Devins had plans to go to community college at the time of her death and has been described by her family as a talented artist and wonderful young girl the dailymail reported.

‘She is now looking down on us, as she joins her cat, Belle, in heaven,’ they said in a statement. 

‘Bianca’s smile brightened our lives. She will always be remembered as our Princess.

‘Your prayers help to strengthen us through this difficult time.’  

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