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Dad drowns while trying to save 3 year old son after falling into Minnesota lake

Christopher Schultz Minnesota father
Christopher Schultz Minnesota father and son
Christopher Schultz Minnesota father
Pictured, Christopher Schultz Minnesota father and son. Image via GoFundme.

Christopher Schultz drowning death: Minnesota father hailed a hero after jumping into a lake to save his three year old son only to lose his own life. Boy saved.

A man has drowned after falling from a bridge trying to save his three-year-old son according to reports.

Christopher Schultz jumped from a bridge in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, after his three year old son fell into the water, according to police.

The father’s capitulation follows the 31-year-old struggling to stay afloat while keeping the child above water, Becker County Sheriff’s Office said. 

Bystanders went into the lake and brought the child to shore, but Schultz never resurfaced, Sheriff Todd Glander said.

Area where Becker County father drowned regarded as dangerous:

Authorities received reports of a drowning at around 8.22am at Long Bridge at Dead Shot Bay on Saturday night. 

Emergency services searched for him and found the father-of-four with the help of fisherman at 9.07am when he was rushed to hospital but pronounced dead.

Last night investigators identified the man as 31-year-old Christopher Franklin Nicholas Schultz of Frazee, Becker County.

Bill Wickum, who lives in Detroit Lakes, said the area where the youngster fell in is the water is dangerous, but not that deep for an adult to navigate.

He told Fox 2 Detroit: ‘You’re a father you’re going to do anything you can to save the kid.

‘It is deep, there is a current, but it’s fairly close to where you can touch – five strokes to where you can probably hit bottom.’

Wickum reflected on Schultz’s sacrifice for his son, the day before Father’s Day.

He added: ‘He [Schultz] made the ultimate sacrifice for his son, and I hope his son grows up to be a worthy recipient of that because you can’t think of any greater sacrifice. So, that’s a sad, sad, story.’ 

Schultz died at a hospital in the city of Detroit Lakes, about 45 miles (70 kilometers) east of Fargo, North Dakota. 

The three-year-old boy was treated for non-life threatening injuries at hospital but is expected to be survive, authorities said.  

Christopher Schultz Minnesota father
Christopher Schultz Minnesota father and son. Image via social media.

Becker County father lauded as hero:

Matthew Clark described his friend as a hero for saving the toddler.

‘Without a hesitation jumping in – that’s heroic, to me that’s an honorable death,’ Clark told via ValleyNewsLive.

Clark said he met Schultz 10 years ago and describes him as a person who made a positive impact.

‘Guy just sacrificed his life to make sure his kid could see another day. He wasn’t thinking about anything else other than that,’ Clark said.

‘I really feel for the kids because when they’re calling for daddy they’re not going to understand why he’s not going to be able to come home,’ the friend added.

The Detroit Lakes Fire Department, Minnesota State Patrol, and Minnesota DNR were at the scene and the incident remains under investigation, authorities said. 

It took emergency responders 45 minutes find Schultz in the water.
His friends said he’ll be remembered as a selfless guy.

A GoFundMe page set up to help pay for funeral costs and medical bills has so far raised $1,255 for Schultz’s family as of Monday morning, EST.