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Daredevil? Snowboarder dies after jump at Colorado ski resort

Tyler Hamm
Pictured Colorado resort snowboarder, Tyler Hamm. Image via Facebook.
Tyler Hamm
Pictured Colorado resort snowboarder, Tyler Hamm. Image via Facebook.

Tyler Hamm a Snowmass Village snowboarder is killed after attempting jump at Colorado ski resort in Makaha Terrain Park at Aspen Snowmass. 

A 20-year-old snowboarder has died after attempting a jump at ‘great speeds’ at a ski resort in a Colorado.

Tyler Hamm, of Snowmass Village, was identified Monday as the snowboarder who was killed when he wiped out while attempting a jump in Makaha Terrain Park at Aspen Snowmass on Sunday, the Aspen Times reported.

Pitkin County Coroner’s Office said the cause and manner of death remained under investigation. 

Hamm — who was not wearing a helmet at the time — was unresponsive with no pulse and wasn’t breathing when ski patrollers found him after being notified by someone riding a nearby ski lift, a spokesman for Aspen Skiing Co. told the newspaper.

‘They began advanced life-saving procedures,’ spokesman Jeff Hanle said. ‘They were unable to re-establish a pulse and the man was pronounced dead by the Pitkin County Coroner. Our deepest sympathies and thoughts go out to the man’s family and friends, and we are offering support and assistance.’

It remained unclear why Hamm wasn’t wearing a helmet and whether the ‘confident’ snowboarder made it a frequent habit? Also not immediately clear is whether the grounds made it a stipulation that all snowboarders wear a helmet?

The Makaha Terrain Park – which boasts roughly 25 ‘intermediate and advanced’ features and obstacles, including midsized jumps, according to its website – was shut down for a short time after the fatality. 

Hamm’s death was the first reported wintertime fatality at Snowmass since a Colorado businessman died after hitting his head during a fall in February 2016. Most recently, a 62-year-old man died while mountain biking at the resort in September 2018, according to the Aspen Times.

Reported the Aspen Daily News: ‘The only witness accounts received as of Sunday afternoon came from people on the chairlift, where one person saw the man entering the park “at a high rate of speed” but did not see the jump, Hanle said. Another group of riders saw the man after the crash.’

A regard of Hamm’s Facebook profile revealed him to be as a line cook at Lynn Britt Cabin, a restaurant in Snowmass Village. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Hamm moved to Colorado in 2017 and later started working at a restaurant in Aspen.

Video posted to Hamm’s profile in March 2018 showed him snowboarding down a mountain, with the caption, It’s the progression that counts’. 

In another post- Hamm referenced his affinity for intentionally skiing in unpatrolled areas or desolate backcountry.

‘Going off piste is sometimes okay,’ Hamm wrote.