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White woman calls cops on black man babysitting white kids at Georgia Walmart

Corey Lewis
Pictured, Marietta-Georgia man- Corey Lewis. Image via
Corey Lewis
Pictured, Marietta-Georgia man- Corey Lewis. Image via Inspired By Lewis Facebook page.

Babysitting while black: White woman calls cops on Corey Lewis – after the Inspired By Lewis-youth mentoring organizer is seen care taking two white kids.

Causing firestorm in America is yet another instance of a white person calling cops on a black individual after being believing said black person being a perpetrator of a crime on the basis of the color of their skin.

The latest episode of ‘confused’ crime involves a white woman calling police on Corey Lewis– after the black man was observed babysitting two white children at a MariettaGeorgia Walmart.

Notice of the ‘incident’ follows Lewis, who runs a youth-mentoring program in Atlanta, using Facebook Live to film his interaction (see below) with a Cobb County police officer responding to the woman’s call about the girl and boy he was babysitting Sunday.

Upon being approached by the police officer, Lewis explained he was the children’s babysitter — that he’d taken them to eat dinner at the Subway in Walmart and then stopped to get some gas — which is when the woman, who’d been following them, approached.

The woman asked Lewis if she could speak to the girl, to see if she knew who he was — only for the man to refuse, Lewis recounted to the cop. That’s when the unidentified ‘white woman’ called the cops and then followed Lewis all the way home, he said.

Corey Lewis Georgia black man:I felt like my character was being criminalized.’

“I didn’t know what was going on, what she wanted to do,” Lewis told the nytimes, after saying the woman calling police because he was a black man walking around with two white children. “I felt like my character was being criminalized.”

‘All because I got two kids in the back seat who do not look like me, this lady took it upon herself to say that she’s going to take my plate down and call the police,’ Lewis said in another Facebook video. ‘It’s crazy … It’s 2018 and this is what I’ve got to deal with.’

The kids, a 10-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy, confirmed to the officer that Lewis was their after-school teacher and babysitter.

The children’s parents, David Parker and Dana Mango, were shocked when they were called by the police to confirm the story, telling CBS46 that they believe Lewis was stalked and harassed for ‘babysitting while black.’

‘I said, ‘Are you saying that because there’s an African American male driving my two white kids, that he was stopped and pulled over and questioned?’ and he said, ‘I’m sorry, ma’am, that’s exactly what I’m saying,’’ the mother told the station.

For Corey Lewis, the episode was particularly troubling because it happened while he was working. Lewis owns his own business, Inspired By Lewis, in which he takes care of children five days a week as part of the youth mentoring program he created three years ago. His clientele is mainly white, the caretaker said it never occurred to him that that would give someone a reason to call the police on him. Until now…

Lewis has since returned to working with children, saying he refuses to let the episode keep him from doing his job.

‘You see these things, but they’re like from a distance,’ the man said. ‘But then for it to actually happen to you, it’s unbelievable.’