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Bride asks wedding guests for $1500 for dream Kim Kardashian wedding only to break up with groom when cash gifts don’t materialize

Bride cancels wedding breaks up with fiancee over $60K nuptials
Bride cancels wedding breaks up with fiancee over $60K nuptials. Stock image
Bride cancels wedding breaks up with fiancee over $60K nuptials
Bride cancels wedding breaks up with fiancee over $60K nuptials. Stock image

Bride cancels wedding breaks up with fiancee over $60K nuptials: Canadian bride, Susan cancels wedding after wedding guests refuse $1500 cash donations towards dream Kim Kardashian style wedding.

A Canadian bride has penned a tirade lambasting friends, family and wedding guests, forcing her to cancel her dream ‘Kim Kardashian’ style wedding after a vast majority of them declined donating $1500 cash gifts for her ‘special day’.

Notice of the cancelled wedding celebrations (and the couple now breaking up) came following Facebook and Reddit posts via the woman’s cousin as part of a wedding shaming group telling of the un-named ‘Bridezilla from hell’ and mother of one seeking $60K from wedding guests for her dream wedding to her childhood sweetheart. 

The Facebook post as shared by Doug Segal starts off as follows:

‘It comes with great sadness that I am announcing the cancellation of the [censored] Wedding. I apologize for cancelling only 4 days beforehand.’

The bride, identified only as Susan is revealed to have broken up with her fiancé, ‘due to some recent and irreparable problems’ along with Susan blaming friends and family for ‘ruin[ing] my marriage and life.’

According to the social media posts, the groom and bride met at age 14 and worked together on her family’s farm. They then went to community college and worked and saved to ‘become financially stable’, before giving birth to a son in their 20’s.

‘We managed to save up nearly $15K for a wedding. Since our love was like a fairy tale, we wanted an extravagant blow out wedding, one where our son could be included,’ the woman wrote. ‘We started touring venues and were torn between two. A local psychic told us to go with the more expensive option, and we thought why the hell not?’

Bride cancels wedding: How could we have OUR wedding that WE dreamed of without proper funding?

In her ‘foul mouth’ laden tirade, the bride writes that all the couple needed for their grand $60K wedding was ‘a little push.’

‘Our dream wedding amounts to 60K – all included with flights to Aruba. All we asked was for a little help from our friends and family to make it happen.’

The 17-paragraph outburst said the pair ‘specifically asked for cash gifts’ (do you suppose?) from the guests.

Penned the ‘jilted’ bride, How could we have OUR wedding that WE dreamed of without proper funding? We’d sacrificed so much and only asked each guest for around $1,500.’

But it gets better.

Bride cancels wedding: ‘No contribution- no invite!’

The bride also explained she ‘made it CLEAR. If you couldn’t contribute, you weren’t invited to our exclusive wedding. It’s a once and a lifetime [sic] party.’

Which is another way of saying so much for wedding etiquette.

Much to the bride’s dismay, she and her fiancé soon discovered that people were not willing to pay $1,500 to attend their special day.

Penned the ‘jilted’ bride, ‘So we sent out RSVP’s and only 8 people replied and sent us the check. We were f—ing livid. How was this supposed to happen without a little help from our friends,’

‘Desperately, we resent our invites and asked people to donate what they could. I mean seriously people, what is $1,000? What is $1500? Clearly, not a lot,’

‘We also set up a go fund me. That only got us $250. At this point we were exhausted, tired.’

The bride said her now-ex suggested they get married in Vegas to save on costs, but she ‘laughed in his face.’

‘He wanted those cheap, raggedy, filthy, whore like Vegas weddings,’ she wrote. ‘Am I some Hooch piece of f—ing trash, a hooker?’

Do you suppose?

Continued the jilted bride, My ex left the room and didn’t apologize for his horrid suggestion’. 

Bride cancels wedding: Demands Maid of honor come up with $5K.

The ‘bride not to be,’ then wrote that she took out her frustrations on her Maid of Honor who’d promised her $5,000 before backing out. Do you suppose? Yes kids, the wedding from hell has arrived and your share of attending is only $1500. 

Continued the jilted bride from hell,How could someone who offered me THOUSANDS OF F—ING DOLLARS then deny me MY promised money and then tell me to shift down my budget???? She KNOWS my f—ing DREAM was a blowout wedding. I just wanted to be a Kardashian for a day and then live my life like normal,’

A Kardashian at any cost…..

Adding, ‘I called her a filthy f—ing poor excuse of a friend, and hung up.’

As one is inclined in moments of betrayal….

The bride in her note went on to restate her demand that her friends pay for her ‘dream’ wedding.

‘How hard would it to [sic] have been to f—ing donate friends? Do I matter to you? Just f—ing give me money for my wedding. I won’t even sugarcoat. I won’t even pretend that’s not what I wanted. It was for a dream.’

Bride cancels wedding: Social media responds: ‘It has to be fake, right?’

The post has since led to social media commentators asking if the post was real, with many commenting that it was too strange to be true. While others wondered about the bride’s sense of entitlement and seemingly blind demand of cash commitment to make ‘her’ day a reality. 

‘Is this real?!’ wrote one commentator on the web.

‘It’s too much! It can’t be real, can it?’ wrote another on Reddit.

However, the bride’s cousin posted an update on Facebook ensuring it was all too real.

‘Yes, this is a living breathing human being,’ she wrote. ‘Clearly she has entitlement issues, but I have never known her to be this obnoxious.’

Adding, ‘Honestly, over the years she’s been nice & overall sweet. No red flags come to mind. She has humble beginnings and has been working on her parents farm since she was young’. 

And then there were these comments on the web that also caught this author’s attention, see what you think?

‘What an entitled delusional individual. Pay for your own damn wedding. So glad he walked,’

‘What cheek to expect other people to pay for the ‘honor’ of being guests!!!!!!!!!’

‘This is fake.’

‘Close call for that dude.’

‘This is what happens when the WEDDING is more important than the MARRIAGE!’

’60-15 is 45

45/1.5 = 30 invited guests

You can definitely have a great time with $15k to host 30 people.’