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How to Look Your Best In Every Selfie.

Ellen DeGeneres
Best selfie: Ellen DeGeneres Oscars 2014. Image via Instagram.
Ellen DeGeneres
Best selfie: Ellen DeGeneres Oscars 2014. Image via Instagram.

Everyone loves to take their selfie and post this on their social media accounts. Millennials are selfie fanatics, with 55% of social media selfies coming from this generation. But even older generations love taking them, remember the Oscar night selfie taken by Ellen DeGeneres? Even astronauts have taken selfies in outer space. In fact, Buzz Aldrin was the first one to take a space selfie during the Gemini 12 mission back in 1966.

Taking selfies is so much fun, especially since you are taking it yourself, as you are more aware of how your photo will end up looking. Different people have different ways of taking their photos and some seem to be better than others. If you are one of those who are struggling to look their best in selfies, here are some helpful tips to help you take better selfie photos and post really great selfies that will impress your online peers.

Make Sure to Have Good Lighting

The first thing you need to check before you click on that front camera button is your lighting. Good lighting is very, very important to taking great selfies. If you have access to natural lighting, the better. Face the window to allow natural light to reflect on your face. Better yet, go outside and take your selfie there. Good lighting is everyone’s best friend when it comes to taking their photos and can actually make those dark circles under the eyes magically disappear.

Avoid Shadows on Your Face

In case the first tip wasn’t clear enough, light is your selfie bestie. And that means shadows being cast on your face are your worst enemies. Opposite the positive effect of lighting, shadows highlight those under-eye circles, which can be very unflattering. You want to look fresh and confident in your selfie, not tired, lacking sleep, or sick, especially when you are posting your selfie on dating apps where you need to make a great impression to people you are looking to date.

Although photos are not the only factor for wanting to talk to someone on dating apps like Badoo, they do influence how people decide on whether to contact you or not. Keep in mind that you don’t have to look like a celebrity but you do have to put your best foot forward with your photos. With that said, make sure that you are shadow-free in your selfie by facing towards the light source.

Kylie Jenner best selfie
One social media star who never fails to take her best selfie, is Kylie Jenner.

Taking your best selfie explained: In a culture of 24/7 social media with different interests and people seeking self validation, an edge or more marketing appeal how does one stand apart? 

Flash a Genuinely Happy Smile

That smile you make when you see a really cute puppy or when you get a slice of your favorite cake, i’s the smile you need to make when you take your selfie. Let that happiness show in your photo and try not to make an awkward grin or smile with your lips opened too wide. If you are not used to smiling or feel a bit self-conscious whenever you do in front of a camera, then practice in front of the mirror. Just relax, think happy thoughts, and let your lips and your eyes naturally show a happy expression on your face.

Take Not Just One But a Lot of Selfies

Remember the good old photo booth? Those did not take just one shot, right? So, why will you take just one selfie and quit if it doesn’t look as good as you want it to be? When taking selfies, take as much as you need to, then just keep and post the ones you really like. Taking several selfies allows you to change angles and directions, get better lighting, capture various stages of your smile, and eventually choose the ones that best reflect your mood and reflect the image that you want to show the online world. Another way to take multiple selfies is to record a video and project various poses. Then, you can play the video, freeze the frames that you like and take a snapshot.

best selfie
The Queen of selfies? Kim Kardashian best selfie….

Play with Various Angles

One important thing to remember is that you should never stare directly towards your phone cam. This angle is rarely flattering. In an article where Kim Kardashian shares her tips on how to take the perfect selfies, she says that when it comes to selfies, it is best to keep your chin down and your smartphone up at eye level. If you don’t believe her, try taking a selfie with your camera positioned below your chin and you’ll see why you need to keep that phone of yours raised. How high you need to raise that phone camera?- the lowest edge of your phone should be at eye level. Using a selfie stick would be great, too. This nifty tool makes it easier to hold that smartphone at a higher level and also enables you to capture more of your background in your selfie.

Use Apps and Filters to Enhance Your Look

Although a lot of smartphones have built-in features that automatically enhance your look, minimizes those pores, and gives you a brighter complexion, there are apps you can download to further improve your selfies with filters. One such app is Facetune, which lets the user make subtle changes of their photos by blurring, shaping, morphing, and defining specific areas of the face.

There are also wonderful filters featured on other apps like VSCO, Perfect365 and Adobe Photoshop Fix. With the help of these apps, you can say goodbye to those dark under-eye circles, have instantly whiter teeth, add a little bit of blush, or have killer eyebrows.

If you want to start taking really amazing selfies and be able to present yourself better in your social media and dating app accounts, applying these tips will greatly help. It doesn’t hurt to want to look great in photos, besides, your online pictures are your means to show everyone your unique personality. So, go ahead and try taking selfies following these simple tricks and see the difference! Better yet, post your new selfies online and see how many likes you get from your friends and followers on social media. Click away and enjoy!