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Santa Fe victim predicted ‘spurned’ gunman would kill her.

Shana Fisher
Pictured alleged Santa Fe School mass shooter, Dimitrios Pagourtzis and one of his ten dead victims, Shana Fisher.
Shana Fisher
Pictured alleged Santa Fe School mass shooter, Dimitrios Pagourtzis and one of his ten dead victims, Shana Fisher.

Toxic masculinity? How alleged Santa Fe School shooter, Dimitrios Pagourtzis ‘got even with one of his teen victims’, Shana Fisher after telling him a week before in class to leave her alone after ‘pestering’ her for months to be his girlfriend. 

‘If he kills me I’ll haunt him forever’. These were the words of Sante Fe mass school shooting victim, Shana Fisher who eerily predicted her own demise at the hands of suspected gunman, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, Friday past.

The above claim which the 16 year old teen girl had shared with her family follow Fisher’s mother saying her daughter was targeted after repeatedly declining the advances of Pagourtzis who the teen girl rebuffed.

Posted Shana’s mother, Sadie Fisher in a Facebook post, ‘He kept making advances and she repeatedly told him no’. 

In a report via the Los Angeles Times, Fisher’s family reveal how Pagourtzis ‘pestered’ Shana for dates for four months before she ‘finally stood up to him’ a week before Friday’s murderous rampage and told him to ‘cut it out.’ 

In what may have been a possible motive for Friday’s mass shooting, speculation has mounted that Dimitrios may have sought revenge following the perception he’d been openly ridiculed and rejected.

While it remains unclear how Fisher’s family have come to learn the following information, the dead girl’s family insist that their daughter was the first victim targeted by Dimitrios as he blasted into an art class Friday morning, yelling surprise while wearing a t-shirt that read, ‘Born to Kill’.

Having immediately fatally gunned down one individual after blasting through the front door of the Friday morning first period art class, Fisher’s family allege their daughter’s killer specifically targeting Shana before going on to target other victims. 

Noted Sadie Fisher, ‘How do you continue to shoot, after seeing one die before your eyes?’

Shana Fisher.
Pictured Shana Fisher with her mother, Sadie Fisher (center).

Shana Fisher father: ‘She told her mother he was going to come and kill her’. 

Told Shana’s father, Timothy Taylor, 41, a father of five via the dailymail, ‘Shana told her mother two weeks ago he was going to come and kill her’.

‘He had told her himself he was going to kill her. He was walking around planning this in his head for two weeks. 

‘Shana said that if he came into the school with a gun and killed her she would haunt him for the rest of his life. She was really scared.’ 

Thomas, who split with Shana’s mom Sadie said he recently reconnected with his daughter and was thrilled to watch her grow into a ‘beautiful, smart’ young woman. 

She had turned 16 just days before Pagourtzis slaughtered her, with Taylor saying his daughter aspiring of becoming an anime artist. 

Reiterated Shana’s father, ‘I know he had pestered her to go out with him. She kept telling him no. For one, he supposedly already had a girlfriend. And two, she just didn’t have feelings for the boy’, 

Adding, ‘What kind of a person thinks the appropriate response is to kill her and a class full of people. It’s insane that my daughter was picked out as the one,’ 

‘She was a beautiful girl, someone full of light. She was real timid, she never talked bad to me or anyone else but I know she finally stood up to him before this happened and told him to cut it out.’ 

Offered the grief stricken father when asked if Dimitrios ought to have faced the death penalty despite Texas law forbidding it in the case of minors: ‘I don’t understand it but I know he had some serious problems. I believe in forgiveness. I’m praying for him as well as for my daughter.

‘I’m not a judge or a jury. I wouldn’t want to wish death on anyone. I have faith in the system. 

‘I am a Christian and I believe in Jesus. I believe my daughter has moved from here to heaven, those thoughts are what’s keeping me going. ‘What I have a problem with is that none of these teachers or counselors saw this coming.

‘If they are smart enough to teach our kids, they should be smart enough to see when something is badly wrong with someone. 

‘And how can they see a boy in a heavy trench coat walking into a hallway in 100F heat and not think something’s up with that?

‘I believe that all these school shootings would be avoidable if the teachers paid attention to their students.’ 

So heinous was Dimitrios rebuke, Shana’s family have spoken of being unable to physically go in and identify their daughter’s body after the girl was left badly disfigured after being point blank shot in the face. 

It has since been divulged during the shooting, Pagourtzis taunted his classmates war-whooping “Woo-hoo” along with singing “Another one bites the dust!” as he gunned down 10 people and injured 13 others.

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