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Seven Steps to Writing a Great Essay

Great Essay writing
Great Essay writing:
Great Essay writing
Great Essay writing tips contemplated. Stock image.

Great Essay writing: What makes for a good paper? Knowing and researching your topic, being critical, grammar, punctuation and whether your ideas are efficiently conveyed.

While most students dread writing a good essay, completing an essay can be an easy task if you know the right steps to follow. You can check EssayHero if you need more tips on essay writing and structure. If you, however, find essay writing tiring or you are busy with work you can try the services of custom essay writer.

Read essays from other people.

In the same way that a book you read helps develop your writing skills, so can reading a piece written by another person. These essays can be from peers or other researchers. While doing this, ensure that you do not stick to your area of specialization. A wide variety of subjects is recommended.

You may ask, ‘why read another topic than what I specialize in?’ Other areas apply different research styles and different styles or arguments. Therefore, the wider one reads, the more techniques they can acquire. Your essay will naturally stand out when you employ different methods.

Learn to be critical when reading other essays. Do not merely read at face value; be critical. Ask yourself what you like about the reading and what you dislike. Additionally, question the author’s motives; is he persuasive? Does he make balanced arguments? Does he support his points with sufficient evidence? If you notice techniques you haven’t come across before, note them.

Custom essay writers have read and written numerous essays acquiring techniques that they use to help students complete papers from different disciplines. You can trust their services if you do not have the time to read widely.

Develop your vocabulary and practice using it.

With great vocabulary, one is able to express what they mean concisely and clearly. A characteristic of all great essays is the economy with words since readers do not like to waste their time with lengthy ideas that could have been put in fewer words.

Use of effective and accurate vocabulary ensures that a reader communicates clearly and briefly. A great essay writer does not get complacent; they continually make an effort to improve their vocabulary. There are always new words that one can learn to help advance their writing. The more advanced your vocabulary is, the more effective you are in conveying your points and ideas. Moreover, use of excellent vocabulary shows intelligence and enables a writer to be more persuasive when writing.

Ways of building one’s vocabulary.

Subscribe to Merriam Webster’s or another website’s ‘word a day’ email. When idle, read from such emails to enrich your vocabulary every day.

Keep reading widely. Once you come across new words, check the dictionary. When a word you have just checked is used again in the content, your mind retains it efficiently.

If you always use the same words over and over again, it is probable that there are some new words you need to learn. Use the thesaurus to find synonyms of such words.

It sounds boring to learn suffixes, roots, and prefixes, doesn’t it? Consider it a shortcut that can help you determine the meanings of other new words. It is easy to get and retain the definition of a term if you know its roots and come across it in context. ‘Benefit’ for instance, comes from the Latin word, ‘bene’ which means ‘good.’

You can also keep a vocabulary notebook to keep track of new words that you have read. It is probable that if you were learning a second language, you would keep one. What if you kept a vocabulary book for your native language? Wouldn’t you become even a better writer?

great essay writing
great essay writing: Developing best elevator pitch style summary.

Make an elevator pitch style summary of the topic you wish to write about.

Most of us know that we should have a plan before we engage in writing. However, before we even have a plan, we need to know the argument we are going to make. It is only after pitching your essay that you can start thinking about the structure that your article will follow.

Think of why readers should find interest in your essay. Your elevator pitch should make the readers interested in reading your essay; leave the reader wanting to know more about the paper. While this feels like a tough exercise since it forces a writer to be ruthless in their thinking and word-choice, it helps you achieve clarity, and you can use it to complete a compelling introduction.

Communicate what other researchers say about your topic.

Consider your essay as a chance to show how wide you read other material. Do this by quoting the opinions and thought of other people. Once you do this, do not stop at that. Show your stand when it comes to the ideas of others. It is mostly recommended that you find a gap in what others are saying. Make your essay about that gap – what other authors failed to notice or write about. Note that too much quoting waters down your essay. For that reason, you should mix citations with your own opinions. You do not want your essay to be a whole lot of other people’s opinions.

While quoting other people, since all people will not agree on a topic, try your best to present the contrasting views of different authors. Remember that it is okay to disagree with an author’s opinion. Disagreeing shows that you have done research, gave it thought and made up your mind.

Great Essay writing
Great Essay writing tips

Mind your punctuation, tone of voice and syntax.

It is important to keep your essay understandable by readers, but you can do ‘understandable’ and still make use of intriguing syntax. Mix up different sentence structures. While too many long sentences and too many short sentences are considered not-innovative, a mixture of both kinds of sentence structures is appreciated and show a creative writer.

Be good in punctuation as effectiveness is vital when one is conveying their persuasive arguments. An essay riddled with poor grammar is the last thing an instructor will want to read. Custom essay writers have gained experience from the many assignments that they have completed. It is for this reason that you can trust them to write a quality essay free of errors and customized to your needs and instructors expectations.