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Getting Your Confidence Back.

Getting Your Confidence Back
Getting Your Confidence Back is often really up to us. Image via social media.
Getting Your Confidence Back
Getting Your Confidence Back is often really up to us. Image via social media.

Getting Your Confidence Back: Dealing with low self esteem guide. Lacking good thoughts about oneself is a common human condition, but there are ways to reconsider oneself, life and affect change.

Many people struggle with lack of confidence. In fact, it’s estimated that 85% of people suffer from low self esteem. That’s a very common problem, and it’s likely that you’re one of the many affected by low confidence. Confidence, however, doesn’t have to elude us forever. Let’s look at some ways of getting our confidence back.

Better Thoughts

There’s one enemy predominantly responsible for our low self esteem… and it’s us. People can say whatever they want, but we’re the ones who choose to believe it. Good or bad, we’re the filter that lets life in. Whenever possible, learn to redirect your thoughts away from negativity. If you struggle with body image, make a pact to never think a negative thing about yourself again. Instead, compliment one thing about yourself each time you step in front of the mirror.

Find That Happy Place

We all have something that keeps us feeling calm and happy. Whether it’s golf, Harry Potter, or theater, find what gets you into your happy zone. Take regular time to interact with others around that passion. You’ll be more relaxed, and that social interaction–while feeling good–will help you interact more confidently in other outlets.

Getting Your Confidence Back
Getting Your Confidence Back: It might be time to pamper yourself, deal with some neglected issues or hone in on problem areas….

Get a Boost

It helps build our confidence when a weakness of ours is smoothed away. Acne scars or thinning skin can be helped by cosmetic surgery, and used cosmetic lasers are even available for purchase, giving you the option of a hand-held device at home. Any help you might need in the bedroom can be gotten from Stamina RX. Whenever we struggle with an insecurity, it’s important to take steps up and away from the problem.

Take Care of You

Did you know that slouching changes how people perceive you, and, in turn, how people perceive you affects how you perceive yourself? If you slouch, you’re indirectly contributing to your low self-esteem! As crazy as it sounds, something that simple can have an effect on your confidence. The same goes for how much you groom yourself. A clean, brushed, and (maybe) make-up-ed you will feel a lot more confident than no-shower, sweatpants you. Start making little decisions in your favor.

Get Attention

While the idea of getting attention might sound nightmarish to you at present, we all need it. Try to find a regular venue, like trivia or open mic night, where you can unfold your wings and show some talent. Getting attention for the talents you (yes, you do!) possess will make you feel a whole lot better.

Confidence doesn’t have to be out of reach. We can see by this list that confidence blooms when we make the right choices, so get out there and start choosing your good. If all goes well, you might not even recognize yourself a year from now!

Getting Your Confidence Back
Getting Your Confidence Back by imagining and becoming the individual you strive to be….