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Paul Hagan Atlanta physics teacher threatens student ‘with bullet to your head’

Paul Hagan Atlanta physics teacher
Pictured, Paul Hagan Atlanta physics teacher at Georgia’s Rockdale Career Academy.

Paul Hagan Atlanta physics teacher is placed on administrative leave after threatening to put bullet through a student’s head during unruly class behavior. 

Paul Hagan a 60 year old Atlanta physics teacher has been placed on administrative leave after threatening to ‘put a bullet’ through a student’s head.

‘Don’t smile at me, man. That’s how people like you get shot,’ Rockdale Career Academy teacher Paul Hagan can be seen telling a black student on surveillance tape. ‘I got a bet by the time you’re 21 somebody’s gonna put a bullet right through your head. Okay? And it might be me, the one who does it.’

The footage was posted to Facebook by April Carr, the threatened student’s mother, WSBTV reported.

The incident is said to have occurred during 11th grade class at Rockdale Career Academy in Conyers, Georgia, on November 3.

Told the boy’s mother, ‘I think it’s a terroristic threat on my son’s life that I definitely don’t take lightly.’

Hagan is alleged to have made his threats after Carr’s 17 year old teen son and other students were laughing while the teacher wrote an equation on the board.

Reiterated the teen’s mother, ‘All my son did was laugh….we can’t continue to make excuses for people’s actions where there is no excuse,’

‘We all have days or people at our jobs [when] we are on the verge of taking us out of character but we make a choice to remain calm and not threaten anyone’s life,’

Carr has filed a police report and is calling for the teacher to be fired.

The school said they were still investigating the incident.

The teacher has since apologized for the ‘outburst’. 

Paul Hagan Atlanta teacher comments: social media weighs in.

And then there were these following reactions on social media that caught this author’s attention, see what you think?

‘As an educator myself…I must say that this teacher was totally out of line! He needs to be removed from the classroom immediately!’

‘Would the teacher have made the same remarks had the student not been black?’

‘As a teacher you are suppose to be a positive role model ,not a negative one !’

‘I bet that kid comes from a home with a lack of parental involvement in their life , and was never taught to act like he has some common sense or respect for others. That’s what you get with the lack of morals and values being taught at home today…… is that better snowflakes?’

‘Teachers have a tough job dealing with disrespectful kids whose parents have failed them miserably, so they have my complete respect and support. This teacher’s comments, though, were way out of line and he demeaned himself when he uttered them.’