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Christopher Paul Conway strangled Adaline Conway 9 month old baby to keep her from crying

Adaline Conway
Pictured, Christopher Paul Conway US Army combat medic with his wife Emily and their two nine month old twins, including victim, Adaline Conway. Image via Facebook.

Christopher Paul Conway US Army combat medic confesses to strangling his nine month old daughter, Adaline Conway to keep her from crying as he sexually assaulted her.

Appearing at a pre trial hearing on Tuesday at Montgomery County Court, Christopher Paul Conway a ClarksvilleTennessee Army medic confessed to strangling one of his two nine month old baby twin daughters in a bid to keep from her crying as the father sexually assaulted the child.

The father’s response comes after he was charged with the death of his nine month old baby daughter, Adaline Conway.

Upon his arrest, the father confessed to tying a cord around the child’s neck to ‘keep her from crying’ reported the Leaf Chronicle.

The rape and murder charges against the army combat father come after Clarksville Police were called to Conway’s family residence, November 14, just on 7.19am in response to a CPR in progress. From there the child was rushed to hospital.

The child was pronounced dead at 8am with police Sgt. Timothy Finley remarking noticing a marking around the baby girl’s neck told the official in court. An attending nurse pointed out further signs of abuse.

Christopher Paul Conway US Army combat medic: Why I raped my nine month old daughter, strangles her to death

Adaline Conway
Pictured Christopher Paul Conway who was charged in the sexual assault and murder of Adaline Conway.
Adaline Conway
Pictured Adaline Conway and her 9 month old twin sister who was untouched.

Conway who was in the waiting room was questioned initially denied any knowledge of how Adaline died, with the army combat medic emphatic that his wife was not involved reported the Leaf Chronicle.

Some point later that day, Conway changed his story, with Finley telling the court on Tuesday, ‘He told me later in the day, ”It must have been me, but I don’t remember doing it.”

From there the father confessed, saying that morning he woke and ‘was aroused’.

In turn, Conway raped the child, tying he cord around her neck ‘to keep her from crying,’

Judge Ray Grimes found probable cause to send the case to the grand jury. Conway’s set bond was set at $2 million on the homicide charge and at $500,000 on the aggravated rape charge. 

Following the morning of November 15, a day after Adaline’s sexual assault and murder, the yard of Conway’s residence featured ‘remnants of crime scene tape,’ along with a cutout Nativity scene consisting of Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus in a manger. Presumably in lay as to what the family anticipated ahead of the upcoming holidays…

Adaline Conway
Pictured, Christopher Paul Conway and his wife of 3 years, Emily.
Christopher Paul Conway
Pictured, Clarksville, Tennessee Army medic, Christopher Paul Conway