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Why? Brian Conroy Palm Springs teen shoots mom dead

Brian Conroy
Pictured Palm Springs teen, Brian Conroy and his mother, Amber Lane.

What led to Brian Conroy a Palm Springs teen son shooting his mother dead at the family home? Had just celebrated son’s 19th birthday days before. 

Brian Conroy a 19 year old Palm Springs teen has been arrested on suspicion of having murdered his mother.

The son’s arrest came in the early morning hours of Monday, November 20 after Palm Springs Police responded to a 911 call regarding a shooting at a home.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers found 36 year old woman, Amber Lane in critical condition.

Despite being taken to hospital, the woman died.

At the time of the shooting, x reported three men at the residence. The three individuals were identified as Lane’s teen son, her husband along with a stepson. Neither stepson or husband played a role in Lane’s shooting death said cops.

Upon questioning, Lane’s 19 year old teen son was arrested and booked on suspicion of murder, with police saying the son intentionally shot his mother.

Brian Conroy Palm Springs teen son and mother appeared to enjoy a close friendship. 

‘We only have one suspect in this. Everyone else has been released,’ Palm Springs Police Sgt. William Hutchinson said during an ensuing press conference. 

Investigators searched the home and found the gun from which the fatal bullet was fired. 

The Desert Sun reported Conroy is now expected to be booked into the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility in Banning with a murder charge.

A regard of Conroy’s social media pages revealed the 19 year old being a student at Palm Springs High School Arts Institute who played bass in a school jazz ensemble called ‘The Suits’. 

On Facebook, both Conroy and his mother ‘appeared to enjoy a close and cordial relationship’. 

Lane worked as the marketing director at Wang’s in the Desert restaurant in Palm Springs.  

Joy Meredith, president of Palm Springs’ Main Street Merchants association, told that Lane was a positive woman.

‘It’s shocking,’ Meredith said of Lane’s death. ‘It’s just really crazy.’

Brian Conroy Palm Springs man
Pictured, Palm Springs son, Brian Conroy and his mother, Amber Lane. Images via Facebook.

Amber Lane Facebook wall two hours before shooting: ‘I’m tired has more meanings than I can possibly explain.’

Told close family friend, David Ross, ‘He loved his mother. This is just one of those insane things. I just can’t even think right now.’

A regard of Amber Lane’s Facebook page revealed the mother cryptically posting the following just two hours before she was shot, ‘I’m tired has more meanings than I can possibly explain.’

Of note, Conroy celebrated his 19th birthday with his mother days before the killing on November 16 at a Los Angeles sushi restaurant.

Posted the mother at the time, ‘Had a great time celebrating Brian’s bday with family & close friends in LA,’ 

Cops have yet to release a motive as to what may have led to the teen son choosing to shoot his mother dead.

Amber Lane
Pictured Palm Springs woman, Amber Lane. Image via Facebook.