Home Scandal and Gossip How did Stephen Paddock ‘lone wolf’ pull off Las Vegas mass shooting?

How did Stephen Paddock ‘lone wolf’ pull off Las Vegas mass shooting?

Las Vegas mass shooting
Las Vegas mass shooting: Pictured, Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Craig Paddock. Image via social media.
Las Vegas mass shooting
Las Vegas mass shooting: Pictured, Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Craig Paddock. Image via social media.

How did Stephen Paddock pull off Las Vegas mass shooting? How did a lone wolf assailant pull off the worse mass shooting in US history? 

In the aftermath of Sunday evening’s carnage at Las Vegas’ Route 91 Harvest country music festival that left 59 dead and over 527 injured, authorities have taken to asking how did the alleged ‘lone wolf’ pull it off?

From the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, Stephen Craig Paddock was able to pick off at a distance of over 1000 feet away his victims.  At the time, no less than 22,000 revelers were in attendance at the Route 91 Harvest Festival country music festival. 

An analysis of audio from the shooting determined that gunman Stephen Paddock at one point fired approximately 280 rounds in 31 seconds.

To date, police have yet to determine how Paddock, 64 was able to obtain his guns (at least 19 high powered rifles were found in his suite) and ammunition and load it into the heavily secured Mandalay Bay hotel. Which is to wonder were there others involved in Paddock’s killing mission and what role may have they played? 

By the time 72 minutes had elapsed, Paddock’s foray would be noted as the worse mass shooting in US history. The man’s slumped body was later found among his arms cache  after fatally turning the gun upon himself as a SWAT team eventually forced their way to the man’s suite.

Upon entering the suite, cops found no less than 19 rifles inside the man’s room. How he managed to bring the arms in un-noticed continues to remain a mystery.

That said one thing is for sure, Paddock, who had checked in on Thursday under the alias of his estranged girlfriend, Marilou Danley had come equipped for mass murder.

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said the weapons that have been recovered range in caliber from .223, which is associated with AR-15 style rifles, and .308, which is a caliber commonly used in hunting rifles. Also recovered was an AK-47 type rifle, outfitted with a stand to steady it and improve accuracy, comparable to military style shooting.

Assisting Paddock in his killing mission, was his ability with the aid of a simple and easy to obtain device to turn legally-purchased guns into illegal firearms. Thus allowing as the nytimes reported, Paddock to modifying his weapon to fire faster.

The attack lasted over an hour and Paddock fired at least several hundred shots, though the exact number has not been determined. According to a USA Today analysis of the gunfire, Paddock appeared to use a cheap and legal modification tool that lets semi-automatic weapons fire almost 700 rounds a minute. 

Police have not said if Paddock had any kind of training that helped him shoot so many people from such distance. Authorities found no immediate evidence of a military background.

Nothing is known yet about Paddock’s weapons or where he got them. His brother Eric Paddock told multiple media sources that his sibling owned a few handguns and one long rifle, but he was not aware of any automatic weapons.

Las Vegas police said Paddock had no local criminal record.

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Las Vegas mass shooting
Las Vegas mass shooting. Image via dailymail.

Las Vegas mass shooting Nevada gun laws made it too easy for Paddock: 

Perhaps aiding Paddock’s mission is the fact that Nevada has loose gun laws that give free reign for shooters to stock up on high-powered weapons.

Under state law, the sale of assault weapons and large capacity magazines are allowed, and there is no limit to how many firearms can be purchased at one time. Gun owners have no waiting period on their purchases and no requirement to register their guns.

To boot, Nevada does not require firearms owners to have licenses or register their weapons while not limiting the number of firearms an individual can possess. Automatic assault weapons and machine guns are also legal in the state as long as they are registered and possessed in adherence to federal law, according to the National Rifle Association. Open and carry conceal weapons are also legal.

Sobering to the degree of intentions that Paddock held, come Monday afternoon, police revealed discovering in excess of 18 additional firearms, some explosives and several thousands rounds of ammunition at Paddock’s Mesquite luxury retirement home. A home that he had shared with Marilou Danlee whose trip overseas coincided with her estranged boyfriend’s killing mission….