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Saipanting: Pregnant Florida woman threatens abortion if she doesn’t get 4K retweets

Social media user by the name of Saipanting claiming to be a pregnant Florida woman threatens to abort her baby if her tweet isn’t reposted 4000 more times.

Saipanting: Pregnant Florida woman threatens abortion if she doesn’t get 4K retweets. Debate ensues if one social media account was real or simply a hoax?

A pregnant Florida woman going by the social media handle, Saipanting took to twitter threatening to abort her baby unless she got 4,000 retweets.

The tweet led to outrange on social media with the woman whose real name isn’t known (yet) now saying she was only joking.

Fissure came to the fore when on Wednesday, August 23, the woman uploaded a selfie which showed off a small baby bump and wrote: ‘4 months pregnant. 4K RTs & I won’t abort it’.

Hours later, the woman posted again saying: ‘Local twitter is trash. Y’all take everything serious lmao ain’t got no type of humor.’

Her initial post sparked an animated thread with another twitter user who claimed to be the unborn baby’s father.

Thousands dismissed their posts as an attention-seeking stunt to gain followers, questioning whether she was even pregnant in the first place.

Expectant or not, the woman was slammed as ‘despicable’. 

Within days of it being posted online, Saipanting had more than 10,000 retweets and 11,000 likes on her picture. 

Screenshots of her heated exchange with the baby’s apparent father also went viral. 

The man, calling himself King Nathan VI and tweeting under the handle Rodriguez ThaGod, responded to her first picture: ‘Instead of letting me know it was my baby you decided to come on Twitter with this bull***?’ 

Responded the allegedly pregnant woman: ‘Sorry you had to find out this way,’ to which he replied, ‘Holy s***’.

The drama continued. 

‘That’s why I asked you for money but you blocked me so f*** it,’ said the woman. 

Pictured, King Nathan VI tweeting under the handle Rodriguez ThaGod responding to Saipanting

And matters began to escalate to bizarre proportions, as documented by the dailymail:

‘You told everyone I died then sold my dog for tickets to a lil pump concert’. 

Whether or not their accusations or threats are genuine was discussed by followers. 

Many dubious Twitter users found humor in the posts and ridiculed the pair. 

Others, some of whom seemed to believe the woman’s threat, failed to see the funny side. 

‘Why? Ever think this happened for a reason? You’re already almost halfway there. You can get help and there are adoption agencies,’ said one concerned user. 

While one user reflected, ‘To let retweets dictate if your [sic] going to keep your baby or not is just despicable.’ 

Of note, both initiating twitter users have since erased any mention of their feud and threats of abortion raising the specter it was all a ruse (and the notion that a well placed rumor, assertion, comment can go take on a life of its own) that managed to enthrall/debunk social media along with online media agents to boot….


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